Split Infinity

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A young woman's reality splits into what could have been had Destiny chosen differently in life. Her Parrallel universe collides and meanders throughout the story.

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010



Destiny was playfully measuring her dirt and water so she could make the best mud pies ever. She had already mixed the food coloring with the uncooked rice, and it was sitting in the sunshine. She heard her older brother playing his guitar in the old grocery store her parents owned, but had closed down due to the lack of business. She and her family still lived in the living quarters in the back of the building.

Her brother, Gary, had his own band called "the Dirty Shames,"and they played at the local Mr. Swiss.They practiced in the old store where the feed use to be stored on a high platform that made a great stage for a band. Soon all the neighborhood teenagers would be coming over to listen. Her older sister, Diana, and cousins, Karen and Kathy would be in the mix. Destiny quicly left the mud pies and went inside, she didn't want to miss anything.

The store stocked plenty of soda pops, and enough for everyone. Destiny entertained the teenagers with her keen sense of smell. A person would take a drink of her soda, she could sniff the top, and tell who it was that did it. This would go on around the entire circle of kids and her guesses were 100% correct everytime. She amazed and astounded them with this great feat, and she especially loved the attention. The band was playing "Day Tripper". Life was good.

Gary had just turned 16 and bought his first car, a white Impala, that he drove to work at our uncle's Mobile gas station. It was a Sunday, and he left the house, but never showed up at work. If only he had slept in, life would have been very different for many people. If he had slept in, and went to work later this story would have went something like this. (p#__)

"NOOOOOOO!", The gut-wrenching shriek of her parents was very loudly heard throughout the hospital. Diana told Destiny that God needed a guitar player in heaven. Gary was gone. Many family members rushed to the house. Destiny's parents were in the back of the house. She desperately begged to go see them, but was restricted by her aunts and uncles. She could hear her parents' cries and moans. She needed them, and they needed her. But the wall was to great to climb over. The next few days she did what she was told . This included constant separation anxiety.

She lived for a short time with Diana, near her grandparents, which was four hours away from home. Finally her parents moved there as well. Everyone but Gary was once again under one roof, but they were never the same. Foreboding clouds hung over each person twenty-four/seven. Her parents would cry out, moan, and even roll on the floor in pain and misery. Destiny's only break was to go to school. Her new teacher asked her why she was so sad at such a young age. She said nothing. She only knew that it was her duty to be the very best little girl she knew how to be, and that she could never do anything wrong, or her parents might just lose what sanity they had left. This was a great burden for a girl at age eight.

There would be no swimming lessons, roller skating, bowling, movies, overnight company, birthday parties, or any other normal activities for children. There was no room for fitting those happy things into the lives of bare existance. There would be no childhood mischief or laughter for many years to come. Destiny went from being the center of attention to a sad and neglected little girl. Her clothes, appearance, and sadness made her an outcast at school, and prime meat for bullying. This added to her sense of non-worth.

Destiny continued to grow into a young lady with several walls of protection, and an abyss devoid of love and belonging needs. She was an empty hollow shell that lived only to please and meet the needs of her parents. She accepted the dumping of their venting, anger , and pain. she took it all on. She became a people pleaser and was formed to become the recipient of the pain and anger of others. She wanted to help others, not realizing her own needs were far greater than she would ever know. She would never have the love and comfort that would help her fill the emptiness in side.

Destiny went on to get her Associates Degree, and met someone who charmed her into marriage after only knowing him for three weeks. She was intelligent enough to know that this was extremely not wise. All of her friends begged her to come to her senses, and some refused to come to her wedding. But because of her warped sense of self-worth she believed there was a chance nobody else would ask her, now was her chance. One day while working on her 69 firebird, her Dad had a huge tear roll down his cheek, and asked her why she wanted to marry a waunderer.. This was after he found out the guy had hitch-hiked into town and had lied to him about having a highschool diploma. He had better wishes for his daughter and could see this guy had nothing to offer her or no means to provide for her. This was a very sad day for him. Her Daddy took him for a drive in the farm truck through the pasture and proceeded to tell him he better never be mean to Destiny or hit her.


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