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Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014








When I  was 9 years old there was a story about the Apes in the small forest in our province, I don’t really believe in that story at first because the people who saw the apes said that those apes are bearded in their faces and they  walk through the forest by group , sometimes the people in our province tells that they witness 100 plus apes playing in the forest , some tells that their relatives are mauled by those apes and many are lost in these part of the forest and never found for how many decades.When I was 13 years old I use to go to the forest to collect woods to create fire and cook because we don’t have stoves at that time yet, We are just using woods to cook, I was very brave to go in the forest because I don’t expect that these apes does really exist, I thought that these are just stories to the people who live there to protect the forest, because sometimes the forest is abused by those people who lived around it.

One morning, I woke up 4 am to prepare myself in going to the forest because my father is sick and he needs my help, so I volunteered to work and go to the forest and get some woods for cooking at 6 am for Our breakfast, As I walk thru forest I thought that there was a group of people working in the middle of the nestled forest, but when I came nearer thru the woods I saw what I don’t expect.I saw those bearded apes that counts up to 100 to 200 apes some are playing and eating with their family I was very surprised for what I saw, I just think that if these apes mauled me I will go home with a black eye and a bloody face instead of bringing those woods with me, but because I always consider myself brave. I use the axe, but instead of using to scare them with its shiny tip of it to let them run away, I inverted the axe and hold the tip of it, as if I’m holding a gun and trying to kill one of them so they would run away and move to the other nestled part of the forest.

When they saw me doing that very funny and idiot actions, they are just playing and eating, it seems they are not afraid of what I’m doing and thinking that I’m a crazy man playing in my own world.I saw their leader with its huge white beard on its face and having its angry face like a hungry lion who wants to eat my flesh for their breakfast, Approaching towards me and it was very huge I think it was my last day in the forest and for being alive, But when that scary huge Ape leader just pass thru my brave but very scared face it seems like that they don’t see me standing on their way like a tree or considering me that I’m one of them. Yes! I was very insulted. I also thought that my face also looks like a monkey too. When I saw them just passing in front of me with my face like a pealed banana, then I knew that their leader is just giving his way to move on the other part of the forest instead of doing what I thought, they formed a line and they move the same like marching armies and moving for their own survival in the forest like Us and Those people who moved their life to survive and live. I was very afraid and very rattled, thinking if I am going to run or stay in where I am standing and because my adrenaline rushed me, the woods I collected in the forest, I just threw them away so I can be ready to run. I was a very funny brave kid but I was really afraid at that time. I was rattled and very afraid for what is going on at that time. Then bringing some questions that multiplied on my head that if (DO I LOOK LIKE A MONKEY?). When I got home, I look first my face to the mirror and rechecking my face then comparing their bearded face to mine.

When I told my father about what happened in the forest. That I saw the group of bearded apes in the forest, He told me that many people like experts who are interested and wanting to discover these rare apes are always looking for them, but they can’t find those weird apes. But I and those people that never believe and expect to see these stories are just the people who witnessed those bearded faces with their two eyes. But sill I always consider myself as one of the luckiest man who saw those apes inside the forest, despite the fact that this faces looks weird. These faces are always reminding me a simple but hard to accept question that I can’t really understand in my whole life, if I do look like them? My father told me that He did also think that those apes are not really normal like those common monkeys we see. They are not like those huge monkeys who are living in the forest with their families. Those apes living in a nestled forest that nobody could think that there are groups of weird apes living on it. Yes! I got home safe but the sad and funny part at that time is, I forgot to bring the woods so we can’t cook our breakfast for that morning. So My sick father went back to the forest and find the woods that I collected with my full effort but I failed to bring it home because of what happened, I volunteered but it was useless anyway my sick Father still make his way to the forest and find the woods so we could cook our breakfast.

When I graduated my Secondary education last 2012 in the City near our province, I was planning for my vacation to go back to my hometown and have my summer vacation there, not only to enjoy and feel the essence of the summer but I would also like to check my beloved love ones in the province, after being devastated and destroyed by a powerful typhoon. I was very sad when I saw the people’s different faces along the highways who keep trying to smile like nothing happens. I saw those parents who survive the typhoon having their families incomplete and some still looking for their children. The typhoon’s powerful blow destroyed their shelters and those resources that serves as a key for them to survive and produces our daily needs to eat three times a day like a normal employed man who earn money with their salaries, because some of them are uneducated for some reasons like they do not have enough money for their needs and for their tuition fees in school and some are living on the higher mountains and contented with their life having their lands that produces their daily needs for their food.

When I came there, The first thing I want to do is to see the forest where I saw those apes, but suddenly when I saw the last nestled forest I left after how many year is like a desert now, I was very sad and asking myself where are those apes living now? How are they? , I know those apes are not like us humans that can produce our needs easily because this is our world. They can’t just ask for help to anyone, like asking relief to the people.   But I know that God warned them before he send the disaster to his people, because He know that these living creatures are innocent even people look down unto them because they are having those weird faces not like us humans we have pretty and handsome faces. But we are always making war and death with our own hands not like them surviving their community with their hands that shows an unbreakable chain of unity.



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