Drinking cheers and toasts

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These rhymes are just little cheers or toast one can say before taking down a drink, most apply to men leading the cheer.

Submitted: October 13, 2010

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Submitted: October 13, 2010



Heres to the 3 woman taking shots ( doesn't matter number adjust according to situation)

two are pretty and one is hot, and two are sweet and one is not

but i couldn't ask for a better three or but i couldn't ask for a prettier scene

hold their glass and drink with me or to take your shots and drink with me.

If the girls are similar looking (same hair, dress, eyes, etc)

Heres to you two, who look the same your (name) and your (name) such pretty names.

but take your shot and get ready for more we drink till one becomes a slutty whore

I can't believe my eyes, this is most definitely a surprise. a minute ago, i was alone now im drinking prone

surrounded by friends i couldn't ask for more let us drink till we hit the floor!

In my/our hand is an ice cold brew if you have a shot, im not talking to you.

yours goes down quick and isn't smooth take your shot while i enjoy my booze.

you have a shot, i have a beer, you have patience, and i have a cheer

so lift your glass and lend me your ear, Drinking with the best starts right here.

Heres to tonight and what it brings. Hopefully a beautiful girl, who wants a fling.

i want her as graceful as a butterfly and her kiss to sting

but most importantly i want her to want a relationship with no strings.

Have a shot, have a brew drink with me, ill drink with you. lets drink together, right on cue.

drinking is best when its just us two... or lets drink together till we spew!

Did you see the guy who looked like shit? he had yellow satins under his pits, to match his jeans stained with piss.

But he had something you couldnt miss, he drank and drank and drank till he no longer has a lisp

so let us drink until we all sound like this (say last line with a lisp)

Gather around, lend me your ears steady your glass for this cheer

raise it once for freedom and twice for love and one last time to start this damn buzz!

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