Ants following other ants that are following other ants

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How ants kept me awake through the night.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




I read something about ants. And the ants didn’t let me sleep.

Some breeds of ants throughout the world occasinally take part in a mass suicide quite uncommon, to say at least. This phenomenon is called “The circle of death”, or “The ant spiral”, or any other similar derivation. It all starts when one ant suddenly gets locked in a loop, and there walks in a circle for... eternity? Quite incredible! Soon, other ants will join the loop, following the one in front of them. Hundreds, thousands of ants dancing, walking towards nowhere. The spectacle doesn’t hurry to end, lasts for hours or even days, when the ants start dying from exhaustion. The biggest part dies, some just spread after noticing there are no more fellow ants to follow.

Big deal.

There’s nothing like some irrelevant curiosity about the animal world for me to carry on with my day, indifferent, with one more useless bit of knowledge to be pronounced randomly, when the conversations get monotonous, no?


I just couldn’t forget about the ants.



Suddenly, everything was clear.

John Lennon said: “Don’t you think the joker laughs at you?”

We are the joke.

Get it?


Alright, I’ll explain.

It’s all a great cosmical joke.

Maybe God, Mother Nature, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whatever God the scientologists believe in. It doesn’t matter who’s the comedian, it makes perfect sense and is sarcastically brilliant!

The death circle of ants is nothing more than a tragicomic theatrical play that represents humanity, that, in it’s proud, ignorant, and imbecile rationality wastes its existence walking in circles, going nowhere, and when it finally consumes all its flame of life in an eternal search for something which they are never sure of, die from exhaustion, but never by the simple fact of having finished living.

And at the end, there’s no better laugh than the one we laugh at ourselves.

Now I could finally contemplate my ignorance smoking a cigarrete, but even now, I couldn’t sleep. The ants didn’t leave me alone.

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