Does the Sun Ever Really Shine

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I wrote this a couple of years ago, thought I'd share it

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Does the Sun Ever Really Shine


In my world there is a sun

But my world is one of ice

The sun's rays alone cannot melt

What has grown and hardened over the years


As I write, I think back

To a warmer place, a warmer time

When happiness was mine

That time has come and gone


I see the sun high in the sky 

I even got pictures of sunsets and sunrises

Feeling it's heat warming my face

But it cannot penetrate into my deeper space


Summer on the outside, Eternal winter on the inside

There are times when the sun breaks through

And life returns bold and true

But those moments have become fewer and fewer


I am the statue with the face that mirrors emptiness

In my world alone I struggle to survive

Off of the memories that once kept me warm

The lay like bones now, at my feet


Seeing myself alone I sigh and cry

Why, does the sun mock me

Laughing at the very words I speak

Standing in defiance I curse the sun


My world will live again

I will smile, and laugh again

The tears, cold, and solitude have hardened me

My resolve will become evident, for all to see


Does the Sun ever Really Shine?

Yes it does, and soon it's heat and light will be mine

Long ago I felt it, tasted it, loved it

To a world of warmth and light mine must return 

For what is existence but a circle, with everyting it it's turn. 

© Copyright 2018 Leory Thompson . All rights reserved.

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