Answer me. Can that Happen?

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This is about our life. Why are we helpless?

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




There’s something in this world that you can’t do. One out of a billion is an exception.

The thing that you can’t do is what you dream about when you’re a child.

I dreamt of many things. I dreamt of becoming a cricketer, Singer, Scientist and even a Rock star.

Why can’t we? Why people are so adaptable to hurdles in their lives?

Why are we meant to adjust?

If you fail in your school, you’re said “You can do it again tomorrow.” We really can. You can kick the football into a goal again even if you fail the first time.

But you can’t become what you dreamt of once you adjust.

Why are we taught to adjust rather than fight? Is that good to compromise your life? Can we do things that we’ve dreamt of in our next life? Is there a second life? Will we be taught to fight in our next life if it exists?

Is happiness a state of mood or it’s our unreachable destination?

Can anyone answer all these questions burning under my skin?

Is that possible for anyone to fight and get what they dream of?

Is that possible to be happy?

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