Why am I doing this?

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People commit mistakes knowingly... they have no option other than that..... but committing mistakes in love are so dangerous that might cause many disturbances in your brain...

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011




I had my own rules to my life.
Breaking rules imposed by others was fun.
Never tried to break my rules... coz they can shatter my character.
Best rule I've ever confined myself to was to start a relation with truth.
I've followed this truth without disruption whatever might be the consequences.
You came into my life,
You broke the rules which were never meant to be broken my me.
You made me lie to you.
You made me to act as what I never was.
Maybe I was forced to act to get you.
Maybe I would've lost you If I remainded confined with that rule.
You now make me feel that you are mine.
My heart was empty, My life was empty.
Maybe god sent you to fill my Life.
I am not that what you see.
I am what you want me to be.
I some times sense that you are afraid of something.
I am afraid that you're pushing me away from your life.
I had many relationships in the past.
They always lacked love in them.
When you entered my life, You were my Ideal girl friend.
I wanted them to be like you.
I wanted them to think as you.
I wanted them to irritate me as you do.
I wanted them to get off my life when I met you.
Reason was that.... I WANT YOU to be with me forever.
I don't ask you to marry me.
Not even to love me.
Not to be with me.
I want you to pull off your hooks that got deep into me.
You were unnatural. I want to get rid off you.
I want to stop getting attracted to your innocent smile that used to spill on your face when you make someone happy.
I want to spend more time with you.
I want to make you know that I am what you want me to be.
I want you to feel me as your friend. I want your support even when the whole world turns against me.
I want to feel you completely mine...

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