Fears of Public Speaking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is to encourage you that you shouldn't let fear rule your life. I know there are some errors on here, but I will edit it later on. Feel free to give some suggestions on how to improve it. Please no negative comments. Thanks! :)

Submitted: March 30, 2015

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Submitted: March 30, 2015



As my heart pounds, I walk towards the podium. Numerous pairs of eyes stare intently at me, waiting for me to open my mouth and let words pour out. My heart pounded harder and harder as I grew closer to the podium. I tried to speak, but no words came out. The only sound that escaped from my lips was my breathing. All of a sudden, I start to lose my breath. A few people from the audience looked at each other. Others started to whisper and murmur to each other, wondering what was going on.

Then it happened. Vomit began splattering from out of my mouth and onto the floor. The audience responded with a gasp.

Humiliated, I scattered out of the stage. As I ran, I heard an echoing, loud voice yelling my name.


I fluttered my eyes open and looked around. I sighed of relief as I began to realize that it was just an awful nightmare.

"Finally, you're awake," my older sister, Camilla said. "I've been saying your name about fifty million times."

I sat up from my bed and let out a small yawn. "What time is it?"

Camilla checked her phone for the time. "It's 7:30 right now."

"Oh," I said. "Man, I just had a terrible dream." I rubbed my eyes, taking the crud out of my eyes.

"You can tell me that on our way to school," Camilla said. "Now, get movin'! Come on!"

I rolled my mud brown eyes. "Alright, 'Mom'," I joked as I climbed out of bed. I walked over to my drawer and pulled out a pair of Diesel jeans and a plain white t-shirt. 

"You better not take too long," Camilla warned. 

"I know you're not talking," I laughed. "I'm the one who gets ready first. You always gotta fix your hair and do your makeup."

"Oh, shut up, Gary!!" she laughed. "Now, get dressed."


"So, you puked in front of the audience?" Camilla chuckled as I told her my dream. She was driving to our school with her silver BMX. 

"It's not funny," I told her in a serious tone. 

"Come on, Gary. It was just a dream."

"Camilla, what if that happens in real life? I have to do one for our grandparents banquet." I was asked by my grandparents if I could prepare a speech for their banquet this Saturday. I didn't want to disappoint them, so I responded with a reluctant "yes". I was always a master at writing speeches. I would practice writing them, but I never planned on performing them in front of a large group of people. I know it sounds weird, though.

"Look, Gary," Camilla sighed. "I know it may be a little frightening to speak in front of an audience, but you are a great writer. Plus, you're speaking at our grandparents' banquet. So, there is really nothing to worry about."

"But, what if I stutter? Or pause? Or worst of all, vomit?"

"Do you know where fear comes from?" she quizzed me. 

"Satan?" I answered.

"Exactly. Fear comes from Satan. Satan is trying his hardest to discourage you. He is going to tell you that you will do terribly on your speech. But, you are not going to listen to one single word he says, are you?"

I shake my head, no.

"God, on the other hand, wants you to have courage. He wants you to believe that you can do all things that are possible. You know the verse, 'I can do I things through Christ that strengthens me', right?"

I nodded. I've always loved that verse. It always reminded me that nothing would ever stop me. Not even fear. 

"Just repeat that to yourself whenever you feel discouraged or afraid. Or maybe write it down." 

"Okay," I said, my nerves beginning to calm down. "Thanks, sis."



Hey, guys! I know it's not all that great, but I decided to write a Christian story about fear. What did you think? Constructive criticism is welcome, but PLEASE no hate! 

The story's not finished, yet, but thank you for reading and God bless! :)



© Copyright 2020 Leslie Loo. All rights reserved.

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