Untimely death

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This is the slightly sarcastic account of Ty's untimely death.

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



That’s all it was meant to be a bit of fun that’s all it was but now I lay here bleeding, dying, gasping for air. I'm not going to survive this. The pain of death has yet to dull I can still feel the presence of the knife in my stomach. I can feel my eyes begin to shut it will be all over soon...
Before I take my last breaths let me tell you how my fun turned into my worst nightmare. Let me show you the events that have lead to my untimely death.

The events that occur start in math on a cold autumn day....

“Ty?” the math teacher called
“present” I muttered my reply.

My name is Ty as you can tell from the teacher calling my name. I'm 17 and what has been labelled Goth, but do I really care... No, no I do not.

My tall muscular figure has always scared people and being pale with deathly blue eyes doesn’t help but adding the piercings, black hair, nails, eyeliner and the somewhat scary clothes really didn't help.
Nor does my personality I'm generally are dark twisted person but that’s not to say I'm not a nice guy. I think I'm a nice guy but what everyone else thinks I don't care.

Half way through maths bored out of my brain (as per usual), she walks in, the most amazing girl I have ever seen, beautiful as she did seem something was wrong very wrong her presence made me want to run, she felt like a predator stalking prey. I didn't like her but that’s not to say I wouldn't be nice.

I cracked up laughing at myself (this got me many weird looks from my class mates random outburst are always fun), inside my head sounded like a remake of twilight I can assure you she isn’t a vampire well not a real one lets go with crazy blood cult chic. Yes I ruined my own story what the fuck do you expect I'm dying.

I can see flashing lights now, they are so bright. I try to move away from them but that only causes me to cry out in pain. The help has finally come but it has arrived too late.

So yea lets skip the boring crap (I've only got moments to live you really think I’d give you the long detailed version, if that’s what you thought your more stupid than I am) let’s put it this way even though she scared me she became only friend. Yep shows how brilliant I am.

We hung out every other day after school and she told me some of the stuff she was into and all that crap. The scary feeling she gave me slowly started to fade and I began to like her like “like, like” if you get what I'm saying and if not you are a moron.

I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes to me I was ecstatic, but who would have thought that my first girlfriend would be my last.

I can vaguely see the paramedics franticly trying to save me, their attempts failing; I can hear a woman’s screams “my baby please let me go to him, why?” I hear her cry. Her voice sounds familiar I think it might be my mother I want her to go away I don't want her to watch me die. I feel a shock shoot through me but it feels distant, I couldn’t feel my breaths brush my lips anymore, my pulse is gone and my breaths have ceased. The end draws near and I feel no fear I can’t feel anything.

It was fun I felt happy it felt right until tonight.She said she wanted to try something new, she said she wanted to show me what else she was into, and me being a typical 17 year old guy I though sex (don't criticise me I can feel you criticise me "oh what a dirty minded creep blah, blah, blah" well shut up you though it to)

we got to the place, it was a dilapidated old house, it was somewhat scenic though even an amateur photographer like myself could get amazing shots at this place.

I walked in candles were placed everywhere I couldn't help but smile. I saw her sitting in the corner with a sinister smile playing upon her lips, the feeling that she was hunting me returned.

She rose from her spot walking towards me seductively with something hidden behind her back. “Whats behind your back, babe?” I asked softly
“That’s my secret” she murmured “don't worry though you will soon find out”
Her words sent shivers down my spine. Something was wrong very wrong I scanned the room again, I looked past the candles there was weird writing all over the walls and that was it I had to leave. Why didn't I leave at that moment? Why did I have to think of an excuse? Why do I have to die?

“hey babe I'm really sorry but I have to go, I-I Umm I have a English essay d-due tomorrow’’ I lied backing, away quickly

“you’re lying to me” he smirked “oh well I'll just move the fun forward I was going to keep it romantic and wait till midnight but now is good”

I saw something glint in the candle light I didn't have time to think about what this was. The next thing I knew there was a dagger in my stomach. Guess I found out what was behind her back…

I gasped and then I couldn't breathe, all I could do was stare at her as I sunk to my knees. I lay on the ground I felt her tear my shirt open and lick where the knife sat in my stomach, I cried out it hurt so much. I felt blood trickle from my mouth; it tasted metallic on my tongue.

“well I've had my fun and now you’re done” she cackled harshly”I had fun but now I must leave you” she placed a tender kiss upon my lips and left me for dead. In most stories people know why they died, but I don't I don't know the purpose I served in her sick ritual.

So now we come back to the harsh reality of my death. I can only see the shadows of the ones trying to save me. I don't know if I'm breathing or if they have started my pulse again, I can’t feel anything nor can I hear anything, I wanted to use what little I had left to tell them it was her the one that I had loved that destroyed me, the one I trusted that took everything from me but I can't I have nothing left and now they will never know who brought about my untimely death. Darkness starts to blur my vision, my time is up. I shut my eyes as my life finally comes to its cruel end.

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