Mallpoles Town Part 2 *Continues*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Set in the fictional town of Mallpole, 6 group of friends who are
in the same highschool share one thing in common: They are not straight. Some are gay,others lesbian and some are bisexual.
They face the challenges of having a different sexual orientation in the Town of Mallpole,which is known for criticism

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



\"What is she doing here?\" Asked Amanda with an irritated tone. \"We were just out on a date and I suggested we could crash here\" Emily replies with a concerned tone. She can sense that Amanda has a pinch of jealousy in her heart. Spencer could feel that Amanda and Emily still have strong feelings for each other. She decides to leave and kisses Emily right in front of Amanda, which makes her feel jealous as hell. Amanda and Emily are the only ones in the enormous house cause Amanda's parents went on a business trip for the whole weekend .There is a awkward silence in the house, their minds are all thinking of what happened earlier. Its 23:00 pm and they decide to go to bed. Amanda is still irritated about what happened earlier and decides to sleep in the guest room. Emily is worried about Amanda so she decides to go and have a word with her,, \"You sounded and looked so irritated when you saw Spencer kissed me, why is that so?\" She actually just wanted to say \"Do you still have feelings for me?\" But she didn't have the courage to say so. \"I have no comment on that! I just want to get some sleep there is school tomorrow.\" Emily had nothing to say so she went to her room and slept with worries running through her mind but her heart wants and needs to be with Amanda, her soul mate she calls her. Where will this twisting romance end up??

Its Monday morning, there is a fresh breeze blowing but no one is excited cause its Monday and no one likes it at all. After a drink with Amanda, Cole realized that his falling for her but doesn't know how to tell her at all. Meanwhile at the Mlangheni's, Vusi is still angry at John for shouting at him, will they break up or will something big happen ?? He says to himself. The group meets in the morning to talk about the happenings of the weekend. Amanda tries to make Emily jealous by talking of what happened between her and Cole. Amanda and Cole exchange smiles, Emily tries her best not to show her jealousy but decides to leave the prep talk and Spencer follows her, which surprisingly leaves Amanda sad in a awkward way. Only 5minutes left until school commences, to Vusi's surprise John approaches him like nothing happened between the two of them \"Hi!\" Says John with a bit of sadness in his tone. Vusi doesn't accept the greeting at all. \"So this is how you apologize these days,huh?? I feel like I don't even know you anymore. Its like...\" The bell rings which cuts Vusi from talking to John. Its now register period everyone is busy sorting the stuff for the day ahead and accidentally, Amanda and Emily meet in girls toilets. \"I'm sorry for snapping at you last night Em,its just that...*coughs*\". Emily is waiting for the answer she wants to hear, \"Its just what?\"... \"Nothing!,just nothing\" says Amanda while storming of the room,leaving Em puzzled and disappointed at the same time. Will these two ever find their way back together or not?? They deeply love each other but they don't want to admit it. If they are meant to be they will dwell in each other's souls. They make each other jealous but deep down they are not envious to one another.

Its the first break and everyone is talking about the Valentines Ball on Friday. \"Valentines Ball,R15 Entrance Fee, Bring A Partner Please,Time:17:00 till 21:00 no alcohol allowed, food will be served\" Flyers,Posters and Pamphlets are written with this information. John organizes the social activities of the school along with Cole and Mr Zuckerman. Cole see's it as an advantage to ask this teacher out.\" His hot,sexy and I like him, I see us being together\" says Cole on the other side he likes Amanda but he doesn't want to hurt Emily's feelings so he won't hit on Amanda. School is out, John decides to ask Vusi to the dance, he accepts with open arms, looks like they solved their issues, have they really solved them?? Back at the house, Emily decides to talk about the memories she shared with Amanda. They exchanged smiles which felt like the old times. Amanda decides to come clean, \"Look Em, the reason why I have been rude to you is because I still love you and I'll always love you, would you go to the dance with me?\" Emily is not in disbelief at all, forgetting that she already asked Spencer who obviously accepted,she says yes in the quickest way. They hug each other, \"I missed you so much\" said Emily, unaware that Spencer is at the kitchen door listening to their conversation ...... *To Be Continued*

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