Sexuality: In Mallpole's Town Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Set in the fictional town of Mallpole, 6 group of friends who are
in the same highschool share one thing in common: They are not straight. Some are gay,others lesbian and some are bisexual.
They face the challenges of having a different sexual orientation in the Town of Mallpole,which is known for criticism

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



Main Characters:

Vusi Mlangheni : Introverted, Intelligent. His gay and dating John who is part of the group. He is hiding his homosexuality from his parents. His parents dislike homosexuality and he feels bad cause he can't talk to them openly about relationships

John Van Heerden: A free-spirited, flamboyant and charismatic gay teen. His dating Vusi and is pressuring him to tell his parents about his sexuality. His Father is the richest man in Mallpole's Town and is the principal of St. Mallpole's. High.

Cole Scotch: A hunk who loves the gym and is the hottest guy in St. Mallpole's High. His bisexual and has been crushing on his Chemistry teacher Mr ZuckerMan. He lives with his Dad, David Scotch who has separated from Cole's mom,Elizabeth Scotch.

Amanda Lincoln : Very feminine, attends the gym everyday. She is bisexual and is attracted to Cole but she is afraid to tell him. She has a history with Emily who is also in the group. Her parents are wealthy and they are okay with her sexuality.

Emily Longstone: Intelligent and is the Top student of St. Mallpole's High. Her parents are drug addicts and they don't care about her progress at school. She lives with Lincoln family and they support her and love her. She is a homosexual. She still loves Amanda but she ignores the feeling

Spencer Marin: Bisexual, loves sport. She is the captain of her hockey team. She is dating Emily and they have been together for a few months. Her father, Adam Marin is always not around. She lives with her mother Allison Marin who is a teacher at St. Mallpole's High.

\"So are you free tonight,Vusi?\" Hesitates John. \"No,sorry I can't make it I promised my dad that I would go to the church conference with him\", says Vusi in a timid way. John shows a sign of disappointment, \"I thought maybe we could gaze at the stars and have a romantic night together,too bad you are going to a stupid conference!\" Says John loudly. Without even talking back, Vusi stormed out of the History class and he was the center of attention,leaving John in disappointment.

Meanwhile next door, in the Chemistry class Cole and Amanda are having a intimate conversation. \" You know Cole I like you a lot \",She says jokingly they both laugh to the matter but Cole can sense a bit of truth behind the statement. Its the beginning of the first semester and everyone is focusing on making progress, some aren't thinking about the future but living in the present. Although they say you must not think about the future and live in the present, these teens don't think so. They are learning how to take criticism because of their sexual orientation, they are learning to be independent for the future that is coming. People are always talking about those 6 teens, gossiping about them, calling them demons. The community is being hard on them. As for Vusi, his parents hear about the rumors about him being gay or a \"stabane\" but they ignore them and chose not to believe them.

Its sport period, Cole and Amanda bump into each other at the gym. With an awkward atmosphere, Cole decided to talk while lifting weights,, \"Hey,do you want to grab a energy drink with me after gym session?\" \"I'd be pleased to do so\" exclaimed Amanda. In the afternoon Spencer and Emily meet in the Villa cafe. All of the people in the Villa are staring at them like they are some foreigners. They end up spending the night at Amanda's house cause Emily stays there. Amanda finds the two lovebirds together and she displays a face of anger, they all notice it....

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