Chalk Festival

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This is for the Sidewalk Chalk Festival we had at school today. Kids just drew all day long and their chalk drawings turned out amazing!!!

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



Colors everywhere

Drawings of all types

It's hard not to stare

And get involved with the hype

The artists went all out

They had their chalk ready

Then there's a playful shout

And their drawing hands become steady

So many pictures it hard to choose

Someone didn't know what to draw

They needed a muse

When finished I could believe what I saw

A crow


A man's head on Marylin Monroe

Even a hog

Alice in Wonderland

A Rugrat


A kit kat

Lady Gaga

Mickey Mouse

A baba

A clubhose

This wasn't even a competition

If it was it definately would be more intense

I would do it again on one condition

Don't use common sense

Random pictures are more to my liking

Even better than vikings

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