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Just a short story I hand written a while back. The broken life of a young woman, caught up in more than she can chew.

Submitted: June 04, 2010

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Submitted: June 04, 2010




BANG! That was all I heard as she fell to the hard, concrete ground. Her body was limp and blood was seeping out of her head. How did this happen? This was suppose to be a simple job. But, now I'm all caught up in some age old conspiracy. I heard a sick laugh coming from behind me . Him; he was the cause of all of this. He's the reason she's dead now.

"Now, now don't be sad," he said to with a sickening smile.

"No, you’re the cause of all these problems!" I yelled at him as I turned around.

"Don't be dumb," he said he said harshly, "She was a liability and needed to be done with."

"She didn't know anything," I replied.

"But, she knew you were working with me. That couldn't be known and you know that," he said and walked away.

I couldn't believe it. He just walked away just like her death meant nothing. I wanted to go to her and say how sorry I was. But, she wouldn't hear me; at least, not where she is now. I hear police sirens coming closer. I need to get out and escape. It was either that or go to jail for a murder I didn't commit.

I run through the old abandoned factory looking for an exit. I finally decided to make one. I look around and found a crow bar. I beat it against the wood until a hole broke through and ran out as quickly as I could. I didn't get very far though, because his car drove up. I jumped in, even though I had no desire to. He was suppose to be a person I could trust with my life and be my friend. But he betrayed that trust and that friendship.

The car was an Audi; a great getaway car. I wouldn't even look his DISGUASTING face. This whole situation came from just one small mistake. But, there's no turning back now; I have to finish this job. But, after this is all said and done he's going to be said and done with. I'm taking him and his whole organization! While I sit in his car, stone faced I look back at how exactly I ended up here. It all started on that day, exactly two months ago.

June 21 (Two Months ago)


It was so crowed! Well, that's New York City for you. I had just come from H&M and was heading down the street to this new restaurant I heard about. I didn't have time to try to walk through this crowd, so I decided to take the short cut through the ally. It was hot out that day; at least 88?. I had on dark wash jean shorts, a purple tank and black and purple flip flops with my black hair in a ponytail. As I was heading down the ally I saw a guy with a gun to another person's head and then, BAM!

The noise called me to scream, which caused the guy who had the gun turn to me almost surprised. The look in his eyes told me to run before I was dead too. I ran as fast as my flip flops could take me. Somehow I ended up at an abandoned lot with no one in sight. Just my luck, he could kill me now and no one would hear or know.

Again with my great luck I tripped over my own two feet and fell to the ground. He came closer, gun in his hand. The last thing I saw was a black tinted car in the distance and then everything went black.

I woke up on the hard ground in a dark room. My clothes were torn and my hair a wreck. I sit up and look around for some kind of light source. That when the door opened and I first saw him. He walked in casually; like he deals with situations like this daily. I looked at him and he looked at me and then spoke.

"Well, what do we have here?" he said. I didn't respond and just looked at him coldly.

"You do know we still have to kill you un-," he never got to finish because I jumped up and screamed at him.

"No! You can't!" I pleaded with him until he glared at me and that shut me right up.

"Now if you let me finish," he said sternly, "We still have to kill you unless you take my offer."

"What's the offer?" I asked hope in my eyes.

"Work as my personal assistant as a drug trafficker," he replied sticking out his hand.

I thought to my self; die or personal assistant. I guess you can tell what I picked. I shook his hand and said, “Deal". That was he end of my personal life. I was part of his organization now. I had literally sold my soul to the devil.

(end flashback)

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