The 14th

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Just something I had in my head and wanted to get out...

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



I glanced at her.  She was laughing.  It seemed like she was always laughing.  As she laughed she leaned into me.  I couldn't breathe.  Suddenly her phone rang.  I cursed the person who called as she pulled away from me.  As she looked at her phone she said, "Oh crap"

"What?  Who is it?"

"My boyfriend's parents"

She stood up and walked away as she answered the phone.  I felt my blood run cold.  Her boyfriend?  Parents?  She's gay.  Isn't she?  Yes, she told me.  Everyone was talking around me, but I couldn't understand a single word they were saying.  The seconds seemed like hours.  My head was spinning.  Boyfriend?  After 30 minutes she still hadn't returned.  I started to worry.  Where was she?  As I went outside to look for her I saw her sitting on the steps with her head in her hands.  I felt like I was punched in the stomach.  She was covered in snow and not moving. 



"Are you okay?"  I went and sat down next to her, shivering because of the cold, and the fact I wasn't wearing a jacket. 

"Yeah.  I'll be fine.  Just some shit going on." she said as she took off her jacket and put it around me. 

"Ummm... so.... you have a boyfriend... I..."

"You thought I was gay?" she finished. 

"Yeah, pretty much"

"Well, I am."

"So how do you have a boyfriend?"

She sighed.  "You really want to know?"

I nodded.  "Well.  For one, he's gay.  For two, he's dead"

I didn't know what to say.  After a moment she kept talking.  "My best friend got leukemia when he was 12.  His parents really wanted him to have a normal life so they kept pushing him to get a girlfriend.  The problem was, he was gay.  The second problem was his parents were really religious.  After he got diagnosed he turned atheist and they turned Jesus.  He knew I was gay, and I knew he was gay, he was my best friend and he needed me.  So we started dating.  It really wasn't anything different than before.  But it was important to his parents." 

I just sat there. 

"Todays the anniversary of his death.  While we were dating we talked about his death a lot.  He told me that once he died, he would be relieved, and that if I tried to be sad for him, he would come back and haunt me.  The problem was he couldn't talk so frankly with his parents, so they still cant really get over it.  Thus the reason they called today.  I call him my boyfriend because we never broke up.  Its easier than explaining everything." 

We sat there in silence for a minute. 

"The funny thing is, since we dated for 4 years, I never actually dated anyone.  It’s the reason I always win 'never have I ever', cause I've never done anything.  He was my gay brother pretty much..." she trailed off.  "Well, sorry to bother you with this ridiculously boring story while your awesome party is going on inside."  She made a movement to get up.  I grabbed her arm getting her to turn towards me as she stood up. 

"It wasn't a boring story"

She laughed.  "Thanks."

The next thing I knew I was kissing her.  I felt my blood run hot this time.I nearly didn't let her go when she pulled back. 

"Well, then... this sure beats valentines day last year".  I felt my ears burn as she laughed. 

As she gave me a hug she whispered, "Come on, let’s go"

She kept her hand around my waist as we walked back inside. 

It was a good valentines day.

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