I still do

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A poem, written as some sort of a letter, post break up inspired.

Submitted: December 19, 2013

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Submitted: December 19, 2013



I love you.
You should not let me by myself, knowing how lost and insecure I am. After all I have done for you, after all we have been through...
Oh you found a new girl? And she is cool and nice and all? Oh that is great, erase me from your memory, that is fine by me.
You know what? I am not alone anymore, her name is Madisson. She is cool. I feel calm with her, she makes me feel better. This relationship is way less complicated than our previous one, isn't it? No need to wait for months before we can cuddle eachother, no need to talk so much about our feelings... 
She is athletic, she actually understands me when I am all excited about a basketball game. She is funny, even though she's not as funny as you. She makes me smile, when you would have make me laugh. She cares about me, although I do not mean the world to her. She is cute but not as gorgeous as you. She does not do dumb things to make me stay up late, she does not call me at night knowing I am tired and I am going to fall asleep just to hear me breathing, she does not call me names or send me songs that makeher think about me to listen, she does not send me letters with adorable drawings, she does not have any picture of me on her phone... because she does not love me. Neither do I.
Everything about her reminds me that she is not you.
You are already living a new life. You do not need me anymore, so what is the point? 
I do... and I miss you. But that is none of your business, is it?
Anyway, I wish you knew that I love you...
I still do.

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