Stronger in adversity

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This short story is about the fear of the unknown.

I'm not personified into any of the characters.

I hope you'll like it.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




"Sarah, where are you for god sakes ?"
"In there !"
"What are you ..."
"I had to pee, that's all !"
"Okay, hurry up though, coach is waiting, he has something to say and needs every body to be here."
I finished to wash my hands and got out of the locker room, following Alison.
"Finally, here they are !"
"Sorry coach, she was in the locker." 
"Right... Anyway, girls, I've got some interesting news for you all. One of the team of the championship has been fired because of a violent behaviour. So, our next match can be really good for us : if we win this one, we  could still hope to be in the three first places."
"Wait, the next match ? You mean the team which kicked our ass last time? We had like 20 points in the face ! Just saying !"
"Don't be such a pessimist please, I said, we've got two weeks to get prepared. Plus when we met them it was our first match, we weren't ready."
"Right Sarah, and this time we'll have to be !"
I was really excited about the idea that we still had a chance in the competition. The problem was that the other girls didn't believe in our capacities as Alison, Heather and I did. 
I looked at them and they answered me with a accomplice smile. Heather took the lead : "We should probably have a training camp, what do you think coach ?"
He stared at each one of us for a long minute and said : "I can feel that the half of the team doesn't want it ... I'm disappointed and it's not possible. We can't stay like this ! So, we'll have a two weeks training camp to cheer you up !"
"Are you kidding me? We're in holiday, we don't wanna play basketball all day long !" Half of the others said the same thing and were making as much noise as six girls could. 
Now it was time for plan B. It was my part. "I need to talk to you Sandy" I said while I looked at her in the eyes. Of course she nodded, even though she was probably wondering what I could have to say. I waited for coach to tell us how early we'd have to come tomorrow morning for the beginning of the camp. Then I made a sign to Sandy and she followed me outside.
Hopefully there wasn't any wind on this spring evening so we would not catch a cold after our sweating session.
"What's going on Sandy ? I thought you were with us." I said in a frustrated voice.
"I am ! But you know what I mean, I'm not as strong as you are ! I can't make them listen to me or..."
"I disagree !" I said quickly grabbing her arm. She stopped talking and I was sure she was holding her breath. "Listen, I may seem strong to you but it's only because you see me in my best days : when I'm playing. But out of the wooden floor, I'm just a girl as weak as the others, a girl who's interesting for boys who know how to thrive about it." 
Of course it wasn't true, but I felt Sandy thrilling. I knew she was ready to do whatever I'd ask her, so I continued : "When I'm playing I feel stronger, that's right. But only because we're a team. Only because I know I'm not alone. I need you to be here, with me, to feel confident. We all need you to win next time. Do you understand ?" i walked closer as our stomach were almost touching and put my other hand on her waist. She whispered something and then tried to give me an answer : "I... I don't know what to say..."
"Just say you'll be here tomorrow and bring the others." I was talking softly and irresistibly. i wasn't surprised when she said : "I will".
I made my hands slipped over hers and hold them. I smiled and slided to her face. I saw here lips parting and i kissed her on the cheek near of the corner of her lips. "Thanks Candy".
When I went in the locker room, Alison and Heather looked at me curiously, saying in the same voice "So ?" 
"She'll come".
"Well it's not like it would have been difficult for you to make her come !" Alison said. "Heather was right, I'm sure she fancies you ! So then, how did you do ?"
"What do you think, stupid ?!" Heather said, throwing her sock to Al'.
I wasn't comfortable about talking about my performance. I felt dirty ! And they actually already knew. It was not the first time I was using my natural gift, meaning my sensuality, in order to have what I wanted. I only practise with boys... usually. If it hasn't been for basketball I'd never have done what I just did with this girl ! I only did it because Sandy was liked by everyone and she could convince the ones who were against the idea of the camp. I did not enjoyed it at all. I mean, I am not a freak !
They understood I wasn't going to talk about it. The silence began to be awkward. Heather finally enquired : "I hope you stayed soft, did you?"
"Why ?" I retorted, feeling attacked. "Are you worried about her or something?"
"Bloody hell, Heather, are you a dyke ?!"
"What ? What are you talking about Al' ? what.. ? No ! I'm not ! You know I'm not, it's jsut... She doesn't deserve to be heart-heartbroken just because you desire to win this match." 
I was stunned. I'd never seen Heather so upset. "What then ?" I groused, "She's a freak anyway."
"Yes, and I think she actually deserves it ! Would you like her stalking you all the time ?" Al' added.
"But she's not stalking anybody !!"
"Well ... We could"
At that point of the conversation, I was not saying anything anymore. Heather was exasperated. She just said " I had not idea you were such fucking homophobic people !" And she slammed the door, cutting the argument short.
The next day, the entire team was in the gymnasium at  8 in the morning. Everybody was in a good mood, and Heather and I were acting as nothing happened yesterday. The atmosphere was the same as usual during the training. Well, not exactly though. Sandy's gazes were a change. Or maybe me noticing her gazes was a change. At the end of the day Heather told me I should talk to Sandy before she'd leave. But I honestly hadn't a clue about what I could say. When she walked through the door , she turned back and looked at me. I don't know why but during a second I thought I'd seen sadness in her eyes. Like she had turned for a last chance to cross my glance. Without thinking I smiled at her. She said bye with a shy hand sign and left.
Alison  who was by my side gave me a kick "What was that ?" She said like she was disgusted. 
"Just in case she'd forget she'd have to come tomorrow as well."
The rest of the trainings were quite similar as the first one. Except that the team was growing stronger and stronger every single day. We were probably ready for the D-Day. 
When we arrived at their gymnasium, the other team was there, waiting for the end of the match preceding ours. They were looking at us as if we were monkeys walking on their hands. They had a new player. One of her team-mate told her something and then she stared at me. I don't know why her gaze felt so strange. She knew I'd noticed her looking at me, but she kept on going. She seemed so confident ... I made me wanting to kick her little ass more than anyone else had never did.
When we were packing our clothes before getting out, Sandy said : "Where do you think this girl comes from ?"
"Which one ?"
"The blond one !"
"Oh... I hadn't noticed any blond girl ..."
"Are you okay ? Usually you are the first one who noticed such things !" Sandy insisted and seemed worried. I must do too because then Alison asked : "You're fine ? Because, I've to admit, that's true !"
I was searching a way to save my butt. Of course I lied, I totally noticed her ! As she noticed me. I was confused, nervous and undecided when Heather grabbed me and asked me what was going on. I was on the point to say something absolutely useless and random but Sandy didn't let me : "If you didn't noticed it must be because there's no way to be worried about her, right ?"
I took advantage of it and retorted : "Why should we ? Nobody can stop us ! We wanna win and we gonna ! We are winners , aren't we ?!" All the team screamed after me in a genuine voice  "Yes we are !" 
It was amazing to see how they wanted it after all. Then they came out of the room. I stayed, looking at them passing through the door and closing it, not hurry to meet the Mysterious again. 
 "Hey" I wasn't expecting sandy to be behind me, so I jumped even though she had said it with the sweetest voice ever. "Are you okay ?" She really seemed puzzled. Once again, she didn't let me reply and added : 
"Look, I don't understand what's going on between us. I know it can be strange, even frightening when you don't know what you are dealing with. But you seemed so confident the other time ... I mean, I don't get it ..."
"It's nothing like that, I... "
"Sh... Don't say anything. We have to focus on the match. I shouldn't have talk about this now. It's just that I care about you way more than you could ever imagine. And the fact that you hadn't noticed the new girl... It made me realised that you might be distracted at some point because of me. And I just wanted to know if you were fine."
I don't know who was the most embarrassed : she thought I was wondering about my sexuality because of her ! And I knew she was into my but that I had manipulated her.
Just then I realised I was truly confused.
It was obvious that Sandy cared about me. I wasn't able to tell her the truth, I wasn't able to hurt her. I didn't want to ! In the same time I couldn't resign myself to lie to her. She'd been so kind, so nice to me.
When I looked at her, there was something in her eyes. I used to see desire in the ones of the guys I used for my own objectives. But there was so much more in hers. I wish I could tell what it was. Words were barely able to come across my mouth. I kept still, lost in the ocean of her eyes. Sandy's head fell down while she whispered as she gave up in the face of my silence.
I suddenly woke up from this hypnosis and as she was leaving the room reminding me we had to join the others I told her :
"She scares me." Then I started explaining myself, without being aware of it. "She seems more self-confident than me. We could face the team we known, but she's new in their team. And I can tell she isn't new to basketball. The she stared at me made me ... I mean, it hasn't sunk in yet that I'm not as sure as I pretend to be about ..." It suddenly bit me. I was confiding to someone about how weak and lost I felt. It must be the first time I ever did. I knew Sandy would not judge me as Alison or even Heather would do. Somehow I knew I could trust her. And it felt amazing. Then I didn't knew if I had talked about basketball or about something else unconsciously. "I mean, I don't know what I'm dealing with ... I suppose".
Sandy's smile reappeared and illuminated her face. I felt my heart beating mor than usual when she took my hand and said "Lets go !", running out of the locker room.

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