My Standard Deviation

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I wrote this in class. It was a statistics course in college. I was inspired. What can I say?

Submitted: September 25, 2013

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Submitted: September 25, 2013



Statistics. Statistics. Statistics.

What better way to speak of statistics

Than to question the world and its existence….


How often am I hungry?

How often am I full?

How long will I live?

What time should I get to school?

These Questions. 

Like life’s many appendages.

Can be measured in percentages.


Numbers great statement

Is a world of symmetry

Met with resentment

When blind to its beauty


And what of happiness, love

the sublime and the ethereal?

Things we cannot label

Can statistics be there equal?


The size of a T-rex’s foot

Or the average eyelash of a giraffe

Will always have an answer

If there’s someone there to ask

I could carefully dissect the structure meter and tempo of this poem

And seemingly knock it out of whack

Call it a calculated risk or call it a hypothesis.

Call it whatever, just be sure to question it.

Any claim I make, better have its proof

The equation must be balanced

What better way to define truth?


Statistics. Statistics. Statistics.

Why is it I have no numbers in my ode to statistics?

182, 183,184, 185

Here we are! It’s the word count.

Though it received no prior mention

It had been here all along.

204, 205, 206, 207

It’s beautiful to see them climb

Like the sun rising

one number at a time


Statistics. Statistics. Statistics.

I wonder…Do they exist?

Increase my sample size

Increase my confidence

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