Zion: Empress Champion

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Alien invasion of earth, who will die? who will love? who will succumb to power? who will be the hero?

Submitted: January 29, 2019

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Submitted: January 29, 2019



'If you choose to fight, if you choose war, it is a path you won’t be able to turn from'

He lifted up the Anti-tank Carl Gustaf thinking on his grandmothers words who was a veteran. Looking back at the alien two legged walker and switching safety off he squinted with one eye and let out a thundering boom with the shoulder Anti-Tank launcher.

The Missile flew in a small Arc and struck the front planting of the enemy armour and blew out the back end of it in a fiery explosion.

A rain of tracer fire erupted from the enemy alien ground troops. Like stirring a hornet’s nest they to take cover behind abandoned cars in the parking lot.

Marcus watched in awe as the burning walker fell onto a truck crumpling it entirely and slamming into the cement, an alien climbed out of an open side hatch the flames followed it and slumped to the ground burning and. Dead.

The radio lit up "They can die......Open fire!" the order rang out over the radio by their commanding officer.

On que every soldier in the building opened up, firing LMG's, 40mm grenades and their service rifles. A chorus of defiance from their weapons their only answer to the alien threat.

Marcus reloaded another missile and took aim at black dodge which what seemed to be a squad of aliens took up hiding behind. Lining up his aim with the correct distance he took a breath and fired again. The truck split in two and the aliens were blown across the parking lot.

Smiling at the scene he raised a brow and saw one alien dragging another across into cover. He ducked down as enemy fire went through his window he grunted and grabbed the remainder two missiles. His window blew inward and a flash made him go deaf and blind, he felt a burning on his back and his arm felt weird.

Laying on his back he moaned and blinked, His ears were ringing but he could hear gun fire returning, he tried to move his arm to wipe his face but he couldn’t, trying his right arm he wiped his eyes and looked up at something looming over him.

"Alien" he spat blood up in disgust at the armoured creature, its hand went to its helmet and it unclamped it off. Suddenly a flow strand of hair went down its face and he looked on in horror

The Empress Champion looked down at the man. Her eyes honour the enemy soldier "Human...You fought well" she grunted and slammed her boot down on the man’s head killing mercy killing the wounded soldier. His facial expression telling her all she needed to know about the resistance. Placing her helmet back on she triggered on her comms "09 this is the Empress Champion, these earthlings didn’t receive our message" Suddenly her head snapped back and she blinked and looked through a cracked visor at a man, his face full of intense rage and hate. She lashed out with her weapon and the exoskeleton war suit allowed her to kill the man instantly with one fell swoop of her rifle blunting the man’s body against the floor in a immense slam. More enemy earthlings swarmed in shooting their weapons, she felt a sting in her thigh and she hip fired back and retreated from the building. Hoping out she hit the ground in a cloud of dust and she directed her hand towards it and yelled "Concentrate fire on my point" she marked out the hole she made in the large building with an X marker in her command Hud, it allowed every friendly soldier see what she meant in their visors by marking out an red X. She watched as friendly rounds streaked into the building. Stepping back and looking up she yelled up in voice proximity "Surrender Earthlings" She went back to her friendly soldiers some of whom looked at her in awe, very few got to see their Champions in the field, their armour exoskeleton suits a sight to behold, she remembered how she felt looking at them, She saw a man in a window and she shoulder fired her rifle at the man and watched him splatter upwards from her explosive round detonating inside of him.

She opened up communications again with 09 "09 I say again this is the Empress Champion, these earthlings didn’t receive our message………they think were alien"

09 radioed back "Empress Champion we have reports all across the globe of their communications failure, our scouts are reporting EMP strikes across all of earths major cities when we deactivated their nuclear weapons" she sighed through her grill vox.

A friendly officer of the company she aided came to her "Mistress, Friendly air strike coming in" the veteran officer pointed at the building.

"Very well...." suddenly the man’s head split open and he slumped over dead, the man’s brains spilled out on the pavement.

She turned and looked at the building, watching the fierce intensity of the battle of a singular building. A missile flew into the building and all the windows blew up in flame as it ripped across different floors, she saw earthling soldiers jumping from it on fire trying to escape it.

After a few moments and watching the building burn, a figure appeared with their hands up. Friendly soldier made their way to the lone man and she walked towards him as well.

"I surrender" the man said as he walked forward.

"Halt" the Zion soldiers shouted then demanded "On the ground!"

She got closer and she saw the man holding something.

"Fuck you" the man said and h clinked the device in his hand twice.

The Champion squatted down and yelled into the blast as she slide across the ground, the explosion showered her with shrapnel, and blood from the zion soldiers.

Looking up she saw smoke and body parts and blood all over the front entrance, where the man was there was only his head that rolled and sat still looking at the pavement, her eyes scanned the burning building.

Her thoughts went to them as a species, humans were conflict made manifest, war was their true nature.

She was angry, then, sad.

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