Remember (war chant)

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We are released, we are unleashed!

A fantasy essay on one aspect of the world I'm unveiling for my readers.

Submitted: March 31, 2011

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Submitted: March 31, 2011



The chant is a common part of the social and religious fabric throughout the Keld Empire.  Churches, clans, cities, houses, work gangs, and militias nearly all adopted the more popular chants to there circumstance. 


Remember is based on a secular chant developed in Marvin’s Point just after the knoll siege of 2044.  It has been modified by most of the major clans and this particular version is a virtual anthem in the city of Parn Silia.  It is not unusual to hear a call voiced randomly in busy markets or crowded streets and it is nearly always answered by a throng of the city’s denizens.



We come from the time before time!


Remember our father’s fathers.  We are the middle, neither the beginning nor the end!



Roisen, Pentrarch, Setrevias, Tekeurn, Sheeshen!



Betrayal, lies, corruption, sloth, cowardice, we overcame!



From what was before we rose a new!


Born of Muldav fear us now!  We are released, we are unleashed!



We were forged in the blood of knolls!


Remember the crucible of Patronsburg.  Forever live the holy mother!


A hundred battles, a thousand victories. Heroes are the rage.



Menelia! Vule! Jewelbex! Lorade! Balestrand! Victory marches forward!


We are Keld!  We are Keld! We are Keld!


We were born in the blood of trolls!


Remember the ruin!  Our empire rises!


EinFawr, George, Henry, Eldrein, Byron.



Founders! Saviors! You are reborn in flesh, steel, monument and the spoken word.

We are Stone! We are Stone! We are Stone!




As the following excerpt from Luden’s The Battle of Parn Silia shows urban chants serve a purpose far beyond casual entertainment.  Note the missing verses exemplifying that the form is not only fluid in the circumstance, but eternally evolving.


5:24 a.m.

Standing in the ruined intersection, Oberon almost felt bad.  He knew the feeling would pass.  In a year or two the battle damage would be erased under a new wave of construction.  He wasn’t entirely sure why the mortals enjoyed building so much.  In a way a favor had been done for them; creating a blank slate.  It was probably the gnomes.  He had thought from the beginning they were a nearly useless race, just a bunch of weak brainy dwarves.  The pillars of The Duality would ensure all they’re contribution be matched, just a generation or two later.  Then again he rarely fully understood the will of Omadin, much less Jasmine, Lorn, Abrigreyon and the other’s who insisted they be made whole.

The Laraquesh spiramen were gone or in hiding for the moment, but Oberon waited.  In the shape of a mountain hulk he had been standing in IronDogPlaza for a while now.  From time to time he’d summon a spear and put it though some heretic invader that particularly annoyed him, but for the most part he just waited.  These mortals could fight their own battle.  Eventually Solonar would return and that would be the demi-god’s end.

5:25 a.m.

Drody was scared to death.  Fighting his fear took as much energy as just staying alive.  He took three quick steps and swung wildly at the beaver looking humanoid in front of him.  A second later an arrow pierced the neck of the woman next to him.  He took four steps back under the cover of his shield.  While most of the city was temporarily quiet, the East End was embroiled.  A block of new taverns, inns, and restaurants were fully involved in flame while Keld and Laraquesh fire elementals fought for the ground.  To the south the Stoner titan Persevus and two Keld water dragons battled a pair of giant animated trees.

The man to his left fell and he dashed forward into his spot, preventing a break in the line.  As Drody did so he could hear the pounding of a nearby drum overpower the heretics’ wind instruments.  A fighter in the garb of Branshar called out.  “We come from the time before time!”

Without thinking Drody answered, “Remember our father’s fathers.  We are the middle, neither the beginning nor the end.”  His voice joined a dozen others in the line protecting a shrine to Pope Deon the Avenger.  The human stone mason and part time warrior felt reassured just a bit.

A drum beat later, the warden called again.  “From what was before we rose a new!”

“Born of Muldav fear us now!  We are released, we are unleashed!”  Drody saw a break in the enemy line and rather than being relieved at the degree of safety he charged full pace at a flute playing blond haired human.  He hit the man full force and drove him into the flames of the Red Sash Inn.


From the mountains across the bay deep pounding drums echoed through the city.  Surf Runner howled back at them.  “We were forged in the blood of knolls!”

The mixed array of Keld heroes were dirty with sweat and blood.  “Remember the crucible of Patronsburg.  Forever live the holy mother!”

Across the city they could hear other voices joining their own.  “We are Keld!  We are Keld! We are Keld”

Without waiting the champion called again.  “We were born in the blood of trolls!”  He stood and raised his trident to ready his men for a charge to dislodge the heretics held up in the sail maker’s shop.

The two hundred men returned his shout.  “Remember the ruin!  Our empire rises!”

“We are Stone! We are Stone! We are Stone!”

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