The Girl Of My Dreams

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A young teenage boy has a dream about a girl and in two diary entries we see how this one small dream effects his life so much and how love and beauty can take us all by surprise. I wrote this to try and give the world a feeling of the struggles people have with love and sometimes that the only way some people can get to the girl/boy of their dreams is to dream.

Submitted: March 23, 2007

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Submitted: March 23, 2007



Dear diary,

I had a dream last night, but not like all the other ones where you’re a superhero or have special powers. This one was different. Usually after I wake up from a dream I just get on with things but I couldn’t help but think about this one.

I was me, the outcast, an unpopular looser who nobody seems to care about. I was in a room with a girl, I had never seen her, she was a stranger yet in some way I knew her. Her scent and the character of her voice were familiar, it was one I knew but had never heard, a beauty unspoken of until that night, like a godsend of splendour. It was like I cherished a nonexistent person, I longed to have something that wasn’t there. I hope tonight when I rest my head, that I see her again and feel her comforting tenderness.

All through today, every time I think about her I just smile and feel joyful, but this feeling is about a dream. Am I stricken by madness? Maybe it’s a sign that she’s true and I need to find her. As I finish this entry I close my eyes and smile, she is there staring at me, laughing and smiling. Beauty has invaded my mind and wishes not to leave, in the darkness she lays, the girl of my dreams.





Dear diary,

She returned to me last night, visiting my mind when I sleep, if this is love don’t wake me up. This time we were both stood in a forest, the scenery was overwhelming; trees sea green, the azure sky staring down and the sweet scent of her perfume were like the final pieces to a jigsaw, they made this dream.

As we stared a little longer her rosy red lips grasped my eyes, I felt a sudden urge to kiss her. It was like they were calling out to me, eternal happiness before very eyes and only a little lean forward and I was there, I could almost taste the sweet cherry lipstick on the end of my tongue.

I leant in and our lips locked, my tongue moved around in her mouth like a fish swimming freely in the open sea, I moved my hand and stroked her golden blonde hair. Grasping her shoulders I leant back and stared into her beautiful sapphire eyes, then the wind took me, I was floating in the clouds with a great smile printed on my face, the warm gracious feeling pounded through my body, a pulse of happiness which with each second became more intense. The nameless element of beauty walks the streets of my mind, an innocent serenity.

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