Past time murder-part 1

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When youre bored you naturally find something to do to fill the time. What if that thing was murder.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



Slowly I tip toe up the stairs. As I anticipate the screams, the sound of splashing blood as it lands everywhere, is just enough to give me a psychotic hard-on.  As I reach the top of the stairs, I see a light and hear wood screaming the sounds of sex. The bed springs horribly loud. "And I fucking took all that time for the love of..." I walked to the door normally, fuck the sneaking around shit. I looked in through the crack. Holy hell were they going at it. Almost disturbing. She let out a painful moan that sounded so fake.  I bash through the door. And of course she gets off him covers her tits and starts screaming. He try's to be a hero and goes for the gun next to the bed.  Unfortunately for him I was faster getting mine. "Don't kill me please! I don't know you, just let me go." she begged.  "Look sweetie, darling, honey, what ever the fuck you wanna be called,  get your clothes on. I don't wanna rape you." I tell her.

After she found her clothes I asked her "Can I put this away or are you gonna be smart? You look smart. I'm gonna put my gun away your gonna walk me down stairs show me the painting you have up, you do those?" she shook her head yes in response.  "Good good. They're really something. Take me to your kitchen and let have some tea i'll make it. It's the least I can do." She looked back at the man, husband or not I don't know and I'm not judging. "His fault not mine, we could have all had tea together but he decided to die now." I told her...was I defending myself. I shouldn't need to but oh well.  "What do you mean die now?" she asked as if she thought I'd keep her alive.  "Well I knew he was probably going to go for the gun but if he didn't the three of us could have tea and then you'd die. Shame about walking in on you. It's so hard to get a girl to cum without adding blood and guns to everything." We got down to the kitchen before she said another word. Her voice trembled "Why us?". "Do you want the truth?". She shook her head yes.

"I was in the neighborhood."

Her back was turned to me, I knew she was crying though. I heard the sniffles and saw her body trembling. The tea kettle screeched. Even if she was to die she has tea to look forward to. She made the cups up and brought them to the table. I took my mask off set it on the table.  "It's a nice mask, you make it?"  "I'm not one for small talk, but if it makes you feel better. Yes I made it, don't give me that garbage I made it look like shit on purpose. Almost as if a 5 year old constructed it."

"Why do that?" she asked

"I don't wear the mask to hide my identity, I don't wear it to be scary, I'm not the fucking boogeyman man. I wear it to entertain myself. The art of a young child's is pure, as is the child. Come lets dance. Where is your music area?"

She took my hand and lead me to the room. She went over to the cd player popped in some club music came back and wrapped my arms around her. She pushed her rear up against my dick, and slowly started to grind. After doing that a few times she turned around. She put her hand on my dick and started to rub. I threw her on to the couch and walked to the cd player. I put on some classical music and took her hand. "Tell me have you ever waltzed with a murder?" I whispered in her ear. Her tears were going away. She rested her head on my shoulder and we slow danced for a long time.I let her go. "It's time." I informed her. I give her the phone I grabbed from the floor in her room. I had 911 dialed. She looked at me confused. "Why?" she looked into my eyes trying to see something. "You're going to continue aren't you? Tell me before this is all over, will you treat all of them like this or was I special?" 

"You're special."

She called the number and told them all that happened. And then bang...she was gone from this world...the light in her eyes had died down. I cleaned up after myself and walked out the back door. Went around to the front with the crowd that gathered and watched. It was as fun as I thought. I don't want sex, or money, or possessions. I just wanna be.

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