Past time murder-part 2

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Our murder now gets his revenge and takes an attempt at doing his first murder of someone he's connected to.

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



Rock, rock, rock, rock. Fuck rocking chairs they give me a headache. The constant back and forth, it's nauseating.  But yet here I still sit. Rocking back and forth. Thinking of the woman that I first started this spree with...cops are dumbstruck. They're running around looking everywhere for me. See with the police, there needs to be a connection. Best part of serial killing no connection needed. You walk into Dennys, grab a flapjack light a bomb. 12 people killed no connection, other then the obvious.  Another thing about them they need to follow protocol. They have procedures. I don't. I hear the door from down stairs shut she's home. I hear the fridge open. I walk down the stairs. It goes quiet. I stop. Hopping she didn't notice a single creek in the steps. I see the light from the kitchen radiating through the halls.  She starts on some Jesus song she probably heard at worship this morning. I'm careful not to make a single sound.

"Hands off the cookies Jeffery, dinner will be done promptly. Hamburger specials." she barks while putting away the produce.

"I can never get past you mother." 

"Good so just give up." she said in a joking way.

Third Sunday of the month is when I visit mother she has no one in her life. To help her pay the bills I've thought of contract killing but they're a bunch of pussies sooner or later they get a conscience. I help her with as much as I can. I didn't grow up knowing how to plum or fix electrical doo jiggers. I learned though.Today was a busy day. Everyone has a bully lucky me he lives in the house behind my mothers, and I may as well do something about it.  Adam Kirkin, 210lbs at 6 foot 2 by senior year. He was a dick to everyone. But especially to me. I remember I was sophomore, he was a senior. He waited for me in the bathroom behind the school, I hated going in public so I went there everyone knew it. He slammed my head into the wall. Knocking tiles off the wall breaking on the ground.I fell to my hands and knees. He pulled down my pants. I tried to move away but he hit my head, made my nose gush blood and picked up a tile put it to my throat and told me to try it again. I heard him unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants. Next I heard the belt buckle hit the ground. "Wait..." I gasped for hair and continued "If you rape me...humiliate me...and torture me..." I started choking on the blood. He was a strong guy. Captain of football and wrestling teams. "Why don't you make me suck your dick? I bite you kill me.".He seemed interested he helped pick me up and he jerked his big piece of man flesh right next to my ear so I could hear the blood flowing inside. He asked if I was ready and I looked up and replied "No!" I grabbed a broken tile from the ground and sliced his dick. I got up and ran away. I heard he doesn't go anywhere still. A little later I say my good bye and start my plan to kill Adam.  

I walk over to the back of his house climb up the side. He had one of those things that vines grow up...what are they called...fuck...ummm...fucking shit. Oh well. Dumb ass left his window open. I could hear him singing in the shower so I crawl in lay on the bed, get my dick out. When he came out he had a towel around his waist hair combed back, and now I man in a mask with a gun pointed at him. "Don't move or talk or I'll fucking kill you where you stand and how your dressed. Come over to the bed and get on your knees. Open wide. And get ready for the load. 3, 2, 1, BANG!" I put my dick away and grinned. "My dick was too good for you then and is now.". Looking down at the dead body I saw a slight bit of where his dick was. I couldn't help but admire my first slice job. I decided to finish the job and then burn his mini Adam. Killing random people is nice and all, but nothing beats revenge. 

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