What Will It Be?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

What would you do for someone you love?

3:45 am Tuesday, April 5th.

"Man was reported today dead out side of Jarindale airport..."

1:45am Tuesday, April 5th Another night of no sleep. I awoke this morning same as the rest...curled up with the pillow, sniffing to try to smell the left over scent of her hair after her nightly showers. Sour apple, with a hint of watermelon. She'd never let me forget about the watermelon. The scent was faint, but there. I had crawled out of bed, went down stairs, and pulled out two bowls without thinking. I looked around, then shamefully put the second bowl back. I pulled out the box of cereal. As I poured it in my bowl I noticed bugs of some sorts falling out as well.


I searched the cupboards and pantry and no other cereal or any other food for all that matters. There was a couple cans of cream of mushroom and some crackers. "Good morning Roger." I said to myself as if I knew something I didn't yet know. I finished my bowl and crackers and came into the living room. I sat in my big old chair she always gave me hell about. I grabbed the remote for the television and tried turning it on. Nothing happened. I look in front of the television where I see shards of a whiskey bottle and shards from the television screen. I look up and I see the shattered screen. Then a flash back occurs to a month ago. When she went away. When she went where she was suppose to. Damn asshole lawyer took my wife. Left me with nothing. She was drinking allot and I tried to take the bottle from her, but she just wouldn't let go. She started swinging at me. Calling me a liar. Saying I never loved her. I loved my self...and that was it. She crashed the bottle against the wall and took off the bottom of the bottle. I tried to take it away. I pleaded with her to just let us talk but she wouldn't listen. She swung at me again but this time managing to slice me. I could feel the blood soke my shirt already. I backed up and pulled out my phone. She yelled at me "Who you calling your fun pal? Are you gonna go have your fun with your fun pal and come here and and treat me like shit?" And then she threw the bottle at me. Me just barley dogging, ducked out of the way, and into the tv it went.

I didn't get it. I still don't. Where did she get the idea I was cheeting? Where did she get the whiskey? She had quit drinking. That's when I heard it say, "Who else would tell her, but HIM!!! You always suspected he wanted her. She was beautiful. You wouldn't stop at anything to get her, so whose to say your the only one."

Now to present time...at 1:45am. I haven't heard it since in the last two hours. I just been sitting in my chair waiting listening. What ever, who ever it was knew what I was thinking but how? No one knows the situation. "You know what you must do. You must get her back! It's driving you insane not having her. You need her she needs you. You must kill him. It's the only way. You still have the gun. Use it! Kill!" Again it yelled it's wretched voice but from where? I shot up from my chair got up and looked all around. Nothing. Confusion, rage, excitement, all powerful emotions come over me...but why? What is this voice doing to me? Am I considering killing him. Impossible! I sit back down. I hear something heavy hit the chair. Something was in my pocket. I reach in and to my shock I pull out my revolver. Loaded was only two bullets. Shocked I threw the gun and threw the gun across the room. I ran upstairs to the bathroom and splashed water on my face. "Where did that come from?"

From the mirror I saw someone behind me. I turned around to face him but he wasn't there. I turn back to the mirrror and saw him right behind me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Only to tell you what you make so hard for you to see yourself. I gave you the gun."

"Why? Why give me the gun? Why tell me all this? Why can I only see you in the mirror? Why are you hiding your face behind that hood?"

"So many questions but so little time."

"What do you mean so little time?"

"It's two, you have an hour and fourty-five minutes before their plane comes in."

"Whose plane?"

"The lawyer and your wife."

"How would I kill him if I even wanted to?"

"As he goes to his car, pull out the gun and BANG!!! A head full of lead to make the bastard DEAD!!!"

"Wait how did you know about the flight?"

"I never found out, you found out and apparently forgot, think of this as a self reminder."

"I should have seen it before. Your me. I'm having a mental break down, and when I turn around you won't be there again."

I turned around nothing. I looked in the mirror nothing. He was gone. She was happier that way and that's what truly matters. I walked back down stairs and approached my chair. Suddenly it spun around. "I love her just as much as you do and I'm not about ready to let you give up on her." He said. He then picked up the revolver from his lap and BANG!!!

3:40pm Tuesday, April 5th

"Flight one twenty three, now letting off passengers." "Come on Rebecca, I don't wanna spend too much more time in an airport. Lets go get the bags. I'm so glad we got here a few minutes early. I don't care if I ever see an airport again."


"Car should be right about, here it is. Let your self in I'll put the bags in the trunk."

"Daniel? Where did you get that cowboy hat it looks familiar?"

"Come on Reebs you know I hate cow boy stuff must of been someone from the firm left it."

"Roger loved cowboys." Up from the back seat popped Roger. He put the gun to Daniel's head.

"Rebeca come home with me I love you leave this filthy lawyer."


"Shut the hell up Danile or I swear to god I'll blow a hole through your head!"

"Damnit both you stop! I'm with Daniel Roger. Put the damn gun down!"

"Me or him Rebecca, what will it be?"

"I love Daniel Roger! Please don't kill him!"

"I see why you couldn't do it Roger." Other Roger muttered to himself. He put the gun in his mouth and said "Rebecca, I've always loved..." BANG!!!

3:45 pm Tuesday, April 5th.

"Man was reported today dead out side of Jarindale airport, I'm being told this man is Roger Hillman. The same Roger Hillman found earlier today at his house. Both Rogers were killed in the same place with the same gun. This is one mystery that may never get solved. This is your local news channel back to you Ed."

Submitted: February 23, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Lewis Poe . All rights reserved.

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Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

Intense, gripping story :D Wow, had me on the edge of my seat, you're an incredible writer :D

Sat, February 23rd, 2013 3:43pm


Really? Wow I just wrote that cuz I couldn't sleep. Thank you very much sir.

Mon, February 25th, 2013 7:30pm

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