Defeating Giants: How to?

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How did Joshua and the Children of Israel defeat the giants in their lives; how can you do the same?

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



When God brought His children out of Egypt, because of their sin they had to wander in the desert for 40 years. This wasn't a bad time, but it was a dry season, nonetheless. But God sustained them. Their shoes didn't wear out, they had food and water, and a cloud by day and a fire by night to guide them. Lo and behold, after 40 years God said "Alright, I'm going to lead you into the land I intended for you." So they went, everything was going great. The first thing that happened was God worked a miracle, just like He had split the red sea, he split the Jordan, and they walk across dry land. Everything was going great, they were pumped, you know, "God was moving! He just worked a huge miracle for us!" but as soon as the last Person walked across the river, life went back to normal.
And you know what was the first thing they encountered? Walls. Walls that seemed so high there was no way they could get over them. And giants, huge towering giants that frightened the people, that they couldn't defeat. This was a time when the people had to learn that God doesn't always work in the miraculous, he doesn't always show up and show out, in fact, most of the time he works in the everyday, and the ordinary. In the simplest things in life. Now The people had a few choices as to what they could do. Did they, build a megachurch? No.Did they go out and gather up a crowd to fix the situation? No. Did they pool all their money together and donate it all? No.
In fact, you know what they did? They listened. They listened to what God had to tell them, and His command was simple. He said for 6 days, walk around the city. Did he say Run around the city? Nah. Did he say pray around the city? Nope. Did he say Jump around the city? Still no. He said walk. Just Everyday, Ordinary. Just live, just walk. He said I want you to do this for 6 days, just a regular week of living life, walking. But on the Seventh Day, I want you to walk around the city 7 times and let out the biggest loudest shout you can. Basically God was saying I want you to Let out a praise so loud that you shake the gates of hell, that the devil turns around says "What was that?" After 1 time around, the Giants start saying what's that noise? After 2, 3, Cracks start forming in the walls, and the Giants start getting nervous. 4, 5, The cracks are getting bigger, the walls are starting to shake, 6 the giants that seemed so big before now are Getting scared now, they are saying to the Devil, "Hey boss, What's going on out there? Those people are afraid of us, there's no way they can get over those walls, and we have swords and spears, and they're shouting! Not a shout like they are afraid or in pain, but they are shouting like they just won a battle or something!" After the Seventh time, they let out the biggest, loudest about they've ever let out, and the walls that seemed like they couldn't cross before, come falling down! Do you know why? Because you did 3 things, you listened, you obeyed, and you praised. [Joshua 6:20]

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