Winds of Fate

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A poem regarding the grateful mindset we should all acquire.

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



Liberty, Freedom,
all these things are well,
But what of those who daily go
Through things I cannot tell,
Take a walk and you might see,
That things are different still,
from hill to hill and home to home,
From sea to shining sea;
Hunger and hurting,
Today they lie, just outside the gate,
So when you go to sleep tonight,
Be grateful for your fate,
When time himself deals well the cards,
And some bad hands are lot,
It best well with you,
be grateful for what you've got.
Be wary now of what may come,
  For no man can surely tell,
When the cards will change for you,
Today a paradise, tomorrow a literal hell. 
Laden tables, full of food,
We feast, and feast and feast,
When not far down the street,
One week it's been,
since he's had a bite to eat,
So what? Who cares? He's only one life, we say,
  Soon he'll be nothing more- 
than one more filled up grave,
But take a walk,  look around, 
and things might start to change,
When you come to know, today is only today.
The Life you live, is only air, vapor in the wind,
And when the winds of fate they blow,
they've no respect of men.

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