The perfect relationship for me

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Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



If you ever fall deeply, do the right things to keep her safe she is someone I can give my whole heart too, knowing she won't break the trust or my heart and I know she feels the same. When I look into her eyes, I see my whole future with her,never apart always together no one else, she is mine, my world, everything I do revolves around her. Not just a girlfriend, but a best friend too, my future wife. Someone who I can laugh and mess around with, but have those serious conversations when one of us isn't happy, if she would ever be sad, hug her so hard and take the pain away. I'll give her my hoodie, so whenever I go home, she can wear it, or sleep next to it. I'd also by her a can of my favourite aftershave, so whenever my smell goes from the hoodie, she can spray it, and be like I am there and she could have a draw at my place of all her things she values most, but not as much as I value her because she is my life. Take her out shopping, so when she really likes something, but can't afford it, I would sneak away and buy her it. I would hold her hand out in public to show the world that I am not embarrassed by dating her. When its her birthday, I would buy her loads of little gifts, and hide them around her house, and take her for a romantic meal for two, then take her to a hotel, to lead us to a holiday. Borrow her favourite DVD, so I can leave a cute letter inside, because I know she'll want too watch that DVD again. Make her feel welcome in my home and make sure she can talk to my family like they are her own, like she has been apart of the family for years.she could walk at anytime because what mine is hers. When she is upset, I would go round her house, and snuggle up to her in bed, with her head on my chest hearing every heart beat, knowing she is safe and can tell me anything and everything and protected and secure around me. Just sit around in our underwear, not scared of our appearance because we're perfect in each others eyes. Letting her win so I have an easy excuse of picking her up, throwing her on the bed and kissing her body. Cook tea together and bake cakes, getting flour everywhere, and feeding each other the mixture. Let her put her legs around my waist when she hugs me so it feels like where unbreakable, and do her hair for her, kissing her neck whilst I do it. Buy her a little puppy for Christmas, because then it would be our baby together. Having our song, so when we apart, we listen to it and feel like we're together. Spend her birthday with her, and Christmas. Take her out on weekend trips, so we have some alone time together. She would be the person I lose my virginity too, and it would feel so right because I'd be with the person I am in love with. Going on long walks to the park, just finding a spot on a field, laying on my jacket, her in my eyes, looking at all the stars. For every star I spot, I would name a reason why I love her. Carrying her home on my shoulders when her legs ache. Buy her surprise gifts because she would deserve them too me. Meeting up, and holding her round her waist and kissing her cheek. By her a rose whenever we meet. I would always be here for her, and I would always love her with my whole heart. Because she is mine, and knowone can break what is ours, because she is the reason my heart beats faster, and I get that feeling in my tummy when I see her, but one day will come when she turns from my childhood sweetheart to my bride to be.

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