05 October 2006

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The Massacre of my Soul Part V

Submitted: October 04, 2006

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Submitted: October 04, 2006



05 October 2006 09:07am 

Nothing matters enough to matter. No end is deep enough to drown these moments of sorrow. Nothing is close enough to love it, to be loved by it. Why is this loneliness such an illusion?

 05 October 2006 09:08am 

How do you know there something wrong with you? Because you think? Because you think.

  05 October 2006 09:10 am 

Stand at the corner and scream your lungs out. Nothing matters to no one. Selfless regret disappears over the years. Coming to a time when again, nothing mattered the way it should.


If life is but a precious obstacle we braid our lives through…then it all should matter the instant it stopped mattering. Everything should start making sense the moment it no longer had any sense in its self.


Argue in circles. Nothing matters.

  05 October 2006 09:17am 

We build castles in the skies. We call them ‘happy places’. But the higher you go, the less it all matters. The more you buy, the faster your worth decreases. The less you are the less you’ll stay. But in the end, just before death…you’ll know.


You don’t matter. You never did.

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