28 September 2006

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The Massacre of my Soul part I

Submitted: September 28, 2006

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Submitted: September 28, 2006



28 September 2006 16:23pm

I love words that contradict the very essence of existence. Sensible words driven to make no sense in the end. Left. Rotten. Alone.


Sensible misdemeanors born like infant babies. Screaming. Guttural sounds echoing from their unformed throats. Mommy I want life. Mommy I want death.

And somehow their birth justifies the death that they bring.

Somehow…it all makes sense. To some of us. Not to them. To some of us.

Live before you die. Die before you live. It doesn’t matter. This is all the very core of senseless individuality. Bravery is dying. Because any fool can live.

28 September 2006 16:31pm

Somewhere in between this all has to matter. The pain. The loss. The love that we regret. The rejection.

Somewhere. Somehow. Somewhen.

Ugly on the inside. Similarity of human kind. Ugliness of salvation. Death and starvation. He will be his own undoing.

Ringing bells in my mind. Indicating the diversity of my illness. What is wrong with me?

Uninvited voices. Intruding on the solitude in my dark places. Shadow lands. Forgotten empires. Broken down. Cherished. Forgotten. Lifted up. Shared. Broken and buried. Forgotten memories. Forgotten living.

Don’t forget me.

28 September 2006 16:38pm

Waste me. Paste me. Splat me on the wall. Scrape me off and stamp on what remains. I don’t care.

28 September 2006 16:41pm

Sit down at the table and dine on my thoughts. Cut them up into bloodied little pieces and wolf them down like a hungry animal. Because that’s all you’ll ever be.

Turn away and you’ll be judged. Continue your sick apathy and you’ll sleep silently at night.

Stand up and leave the plate of half eaten emotional rubbish and you’ll keep wondering what it all ever tasted like. You’ll keep denying that you wanted it.

Take the knife and cut into the bloodied flesh of your victim. Who are you?

28 September 2006 16:44pm


28 September 2006 16:50pm

Propose marriage to the slug on your shoe. Look down in disgust. Fuck reality from behind. Dog in the gutter. Open your eyes. Close them shut. Hate yourself. Hate the world. Consume yourself. Swallow. And shit it all out again. What are you? Is there anything left to be human?

28 September 2006 16:51pm

Hail a cab. Ride your thoughts to hell. Condemn the sickness. Don’t take it for granted.

28 September 2006 16:58pm

Close your eyes because you’ll see the pain in me so much better. Take your hand and shove it up your ass, smile broadly because I know it hurts. Everything I need is right in front of me. Everything you can say is everything I can lie to myself about.

How deep does this darkness go? I can say nothing.

28 September 2006 17:20pm

Fire. Burn it. Until it bends and twists. Contorted in images from your mind. Solitude reached. Loneliness abided. Set it afire. Let it all burn down. Become nothing. Cease to be something.

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