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Random arts of unimportance

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006




I once saw a girl change

The lanes of her life under

The luminescence of a rainbow

That was left behind by the rain.

Because that’s all our lives really are,

Wonders left behind by other wonders:

In worlds were we are all inexperienced

In the choices we make; the thoughts we think.

And yesterday I saw an accident;

A car crash and I remembered,

Life is the result of a mysterious event,

Where two forces collided to form a perfect person.

We are all part of something we can’t fathom,

Part of something we don’t understand,

Part of something we’ll know the answer to

When we die, when we cease to be.

And it makes us angry to live life

In horrendous circumstance, in faithless reminders.

And we achieve just to leave it all behind,

We finish and complete and make history,

Just to leave it when we leave for the grave.

What sense is there in living life? And

What sense is there in giving up?

It takes a lot to kill yourself, but

It takes a lot more to keep going.

Who’s going to be the warrior?

The reminder of the century, the

Beginning and the end of history,

The end of faithlessness, the

End of war and hate and prejudice.

Who will be the lone soldier

On the battlefield of the world,

When we fight for survival

And the will to live lives

Where it makes no sense to live life at all?

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