My night.

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A poem of what its like to be me when I'm alone...

Submitted: June 15, 2009

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Submitted: June 15, 2009



As I sit in the night sky,

I hear the rain as it falls.

Breaking the silence I scream from the inside.

I'm on fire.

My organs are burning into rose petal ashes.

The flame in my eyes and heart is long ago extinguished.

Night in your eyes is day to mine.


the star of david,

mean nothing to be but lies.

This world has lied to me for happiness cannot be achieved for me.

I hear the whispers in my ear,

Telling me what I already know.

They wont go away.

The blood drips from my vains,

and rains down on the ashes.

Fear has stricken your soul.

Pain ripps through my mind,

leaving nothing but darkness.

This darkness existes in us all.

Rejected by most,

loved by others,

then the loved reject me again.

I'm sick.

I'm broken.

I'm hurt.

I'm torn.

But theres no one to care out there.

Its just an empty world.

No one cares ifI live or die,

this I know.

I look at the song of death.

Beautiful song.

Finally putting me to rest.

Copyright 2009 Nicole McMahon

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