Nude Sadness

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Fighting a world of perverted nakedness

Submitted: August 25, 2008

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Submitted: August 25, 2008



Breaks me down to see the world
strangle each other
over the next nude picture
of some girl who lost her innocence so long ago.

Sad to know i live with people in my life
who take for granted the lies
and feel turned on by the sickness
of nude girls
who pretend to be something
for the thousands out there

[Sad to see the perversion of nudity
take over the life of
the person i love so dear]
perversion of suicide girls
naked to the core

Jealousy makes you an incompetant lover,
it makes you angry
and alone.

Nude girls, spreading their legs
opening up the little boxes
so the world can lap up their secrets
while they moan in ecstacy.

sad world. Sex sells.
and it makes the world worse for wear.

It perverts the world!
Their tight little bodies
turn our men on
so much more than we ever could

© Copyright 2017 Lex The Damned. All rights reserved.

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