Rescue Me (The One)

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To someone I know. I hope.

Submitted: November 08, 2006

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Submitted: November 08, 2006



Rescue Me (The One)


Codex. Time machine. My unadorned hero.

Rescue me from my dark salvation.

Rescue me from the truth and

The trust of those who need to deceive me.

Rescue me, not from myself,

But from what they want me to become.

Rescue me, not from time itself,

Because each of us must age,

But from them who wish to steal my time or shorten it.

Rescue me, neither from poverty nor from riches,

But rescue me from dearth of my soul.

Rescue me from those who wish to change me.


Rescue me, not from gossip behind my back,

But from people who lie about my being.

Rescue me, not from salvage itself,

But rather from pain that is unseen;

Lies that are unheard of and

From actions that are yet undone.

Rescue me, from their darkness.

Rescue me, from their deceit.


Place me in a glass box

(not to keep me jealously to yourself),

Where only light will enter into and reflect,

In its positivism, my illuminated soul.

Surround the box with steal and iron bars,

(not to keep me locked up),

So that none can harm me, and no darkness can enter upon me.

Feed me with love, and all the food will be from the gods.

Give me nectar to pour down my throat,

And give it with love, and I will never thirst.

Hold me close when I am sad,

Feed my soul with happy encounters.

Help me breathe and fear nothing.

Help me awaken each morning with a song in my heart.


Rescue me so that I would want to sing

From every mountain, from every dark well,

From under each bridge of time.

Rescue me so that I can tell the world I have found

The One.

Rescue me so that I can tell you,

I have found you.

So that I can tell you that I love you.

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