Second I

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To my mind...

Submitted: October 05, 2006

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Submitted: October 05, 2006



Second [i]

You are the blood in my system,

The unremembered, the broken flame.

You are the one who rules me,

With burning rod, death and the frozen sceptre.

You are the anger when I am angry.

The feeling when I want to feel nothing.

You are my soul when I swear I have none,

The silent scream, the unmemorable tears.

You are the one I fear when I fear nothing,

The Darkness in my life; the light in my soul.Y

ou are my rejection when I am rejected,

My love when I am hated.

You are my end when I have no beginning

And my beginning when I know no end.

You are me, but so close by my side

That I swear you are not here at all.Y

ou are me, but so far away

That I cannot see nor hear you cry.

You are my tears; when I cry you will vanish.

You are my anger; when I scream you fight with me.

You are me; and so much with me

That, if you were gone, I’d miss you all my life.

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