Second II

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To my other mind...

Submitted: October 05, 2006

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Submitted: October 05, 2006



Second [ii]

You are the New Abortion,

And in the back of my universe

You are the ruling one with the frozen sceptre.

In my life you are the fear

And you are the thirteen tears on my cheek,

In my subconscious, you are the anger that drives me away

And all the others closer.

You are my Skin Ticket,

On a plane that might fly into Darkness,

Into Newness or the eternal Forgotten.

You are the rulebook that rules me

And you hold the magic power to destroy me,

You are the one I fear

Because I do not know you

Even if you were not a thousand miles away

Even if you were not right beside me.

You are My Plague,

To which there is no cure

Except the eternal Darkness that awaits us at the end,

You are the ruling force, the Dark one

You are the thing inside me that I hide

From myself, from the world, from life.

You are The Shape,

In my world, in my subconscious

From whom I hide so that I might remember.

You are the one who rules me,

By night and day, by dark and light,

You are the iron fist in my existence;

The sacrifice of every day;

The fear I hide

And the tears I cry.

You are so much apart of me that you are nothing at all,

You are hidden so deep beneath the burning sore

That you fail to see the answer right before you,

You are my beginning and my end,

The one I fear and reject,

The one I love and want closer.

You are me and I am you,

Let us not fear one another.

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