The Senses of Thought

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Thoughts are alive...they sense you

Submitted: October 08, 2006

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Submitted: October 08, 2006



The Senses of Thought

Close your eyes

To the world

And see no more;

Of their pain

Of their gain.

Believe the happiness

Never existed;

And believe

That life is but an illusion.

Close your ears

To the world.

And hear no more

Of their lies.

Hear no more

Of their sacrifices.

Believe that sound

Was never apart of us.

And believe

That life is nothingness.

Smell nothing;

No fragrance of

Dead flowers

And decayed bodies.

Smell no more of

Their solitude

Of their hate.

Believe nothing

Is real, and believe

In nothing.

Feel nothing

As you run your hands

As you run your expressions

Across the face of the world.

Believe that the worldIs a lie,

And believe that life

Is a lie;

Believe you are a lie.

Taste the death

When you slowly suffocate

On the illusion of life.

Taste your anger

Taste your hate

But know all the while

That it is all a lie

That taste is sacrificial

And as much apart of us

As our lies.

Know lies.

That is the sixth sense

Of life;

Of death.

And knowing is

The ultimate illusion

Because in knowing

You will know that

There is nothing

Left to believe;

Nothing left to know.

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