Useless items

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I fear you stranger...i fear my life

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



Useless items

Being stuck on the corner of the broken edge

And wanting to let go

And wanting to stay

Is the horror I face each day.

Losing all my friends and screaming

Senseless words that I cannot find.

Looking for reasons to die to-night,

Without finding I know I won’t give in.

I’m crying to-night, and I’m giving into

You and giving into me and giving in

To whatever there is that isn’t broken yet.

I’m drowning in the puddle of your trust

And I seem to forget where we left it last

And I can’t remember the rain…nor the tears

And the fears and all the blame of all the yesterdays

That we seem to have had and forgotten.

I’m on the corner of no where, no place, no

World without justice is hate and destruction,

But there is fear when there is no love

And my soul is broken because I cannot

FIND the one I seek so hard…does he

Hide in the dungeons of the reasons we

Forgot the world…or does he hide in

His fear?

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