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WISTERPOOP?! What the heck Lexi?? Find out!!

Submitted: April 28, 2009

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Submitted: April 28, 2009



Yes indeed, Lexi!

What's a Wisterpoop? What does it mean? Is it a Minister trying to take a poop?  Or is it just a made up word?  Hm..Maybe it is a fosilized poop from the dinosaures.  Or it could be an old english term as for a torturing device. "If you don't stop, I'll put in the Wisterpooper!" Maybe its not even a device, it could just mean your a wisterpoop.  Maybe it's someones name...Sir Zak Wisterpoop the 5th.  When it comes to words, they can be so absurd and the difinition can be so austere You'll probably look this up huh?...By the way it's not there! HAHAHA! No I didn't make this up...Anyways..What do you think it is? This is a real word.  So go ahead figure this word out.  Maybe it's a type of fish in the unfathomable seas?  "Here come the Wisterpoop fish, making a contact with the Humuhumukununukuapua."  Or type of food? Or it's a new skin care type thing? "Try this new product Wisterpoop, Just sqeeze and apply."  

Had enough?  You want the REAL definition of WISTERPOOP?  The real definition is......

Wisterpoop-Verb- To smack the side of the head. 

Difinition: I wisterpooped the pope once.

I hope you enjoyed this!!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!!!

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