Hold Me Now

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She hated seeing her brother suffer.
A short story about two sibling who are going through a tough time.

Submitted: August 23, 2013

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Submitted: August 23, 2013




Ok I literally just started writing this at 2:08 AM.

Slight cursing ahead.

A/N at the end.

Hold Me Now

Ashley knocked several times on her foster brother’s room door in hope to see him, due to the fact he has been stuffed in there all day. Her knock slowly echoed through the empty upper halls of their family’s mansion like house.

“Ruben, please open up. It’s just me…I really wanna talk to you!” Once again no response as Ashley’s voice faded into the dead night atmosphere that choked the ghostly house. “Well whether you like it or not I’m coming in.”

She pushed on the door and turned the handle grimacing as the door’s hinges gave an annoyed squeak. Ashley rolled her eyes at the sight of it all. His bed was unmade and the sheets were balled up in the opposite corner of the room. Dirty dishes spotted the room while complementing the overflowing trash cans. Clothes were pilled, strewn and hanged off everything from the brass bed post to the black nightstand. It was to the point where nobody could possible see the fluffy, beige carpet below. Despite a houseful of maids the room looked like a cut out of the stereotypical teenage boy’s room, times two.

Ashley eyed the open window which led to a flat section of the roof. She pranced around the mountains of clothes until she made her way to the window. Slipping out and climbing up the slanted roof side which led to the even space, she swiftly found Ruben. His back was facing her and his feet dangled off the side of the roof. Ashley quietly took in the sight. The full moon engulfed him leaving only a silhouette of his lean body partially blocking the soft white saucer.

Ashley slowly approached him taking notice that his head was slightly bobbing, undoubtfully engulfed in the music that was being funneled through his ear buds. She sat down next to him taking in his appearance since it felt like forever the last she saw him. His mane of dark brown hair seemed, if possible, even more wild and his cold caramel colored eyes stared into the distance. They were truly polar opposites. Not only did Ashley have white blonde hair but she held warm blue eyes. Even their skin different, Ruben had a darkly tan skin while Ashley possessed white, porcelain tissue.

“Hey.” Ruben spoke softly.


There was an uncomfortable pause.

“Whatcha listening to?”

“Five Finger Death Punch.”

“Can I listen?”

“It’s on a playlist with different bands.”

“I don’t care.”

He took out an ear bud and handed it to her. The song was called Dying Breed.



They sat in silence for a while, taking in each note, each word, each beat.

“Why do you sit out here? I mean its humid and lonely. Wouldn’t inside feel better?”

Ruben smiled softly, “I guess so but I don’t think my room is capable of sustaining human life, or any kind of that matter.” They shared a chuckle agreeing at the bomb site that is Ruben’s quarters was rather (to put lightly) disgusting, in every way.

Silence that mimicked the humidity washed over them once again.

“Ruben,” Ashley sighed, “I really need to talk to you about what happened.”

“No you don’t. You don’t need to. You just want to. Besides there’s nothing to talk about.” He stated all so boldly.

Ashley glared at him, “That’s garbage and you know it!”

“No it isn’t!” Ruben snapped back. “What’s done is done and unless you have some magical remedy to make all this crap go away then I’m all ears and action, but if not then drop it!”

A long paused ensued.

“I just love you Ruben. I don’t want to see you hurt yourself anymore.” Ashley wiped tears away with the back of her hand. “It hurts ME to see YOU suffer! Please let me help you!”

“Damn it Ash! You don’t understand!” He shouted, “If it’s so fricken easy to fix me up don’t you think I would have done so! I don’t wanna live in this hell and if I could I would fix it! Just-just leave me alone, I don’t need your help and I never have!

Tears welled up in Ashley’s again, “that’s not true and you know it! I’ve helped you with lots of-of things. This isn’t all that different!”

Ruben refused to speak anymore, to pissed to keep up the conversation.

They sat there in the silence and began making out the words that have been playing through the ear buds.

The next song on the playlist had started playing a while ago and now the chorus started to pick up.

“Hold me now, till the fear is leaving. I am barely breathing.

Crying out. These tired wings are falling I need you to catch me.

As I burn. As I break. I can’t take this anymore. I’ll return to the place where the water covers everything. Rescue me somehow”

As the chorus ended the siblings found themself in each arms hugging tightly as the smell of salty tears stained the air. Ashley slowly rubbed Ruben’s wrist, wincing at the feel of raised and split skin.

“Don’t leave me ok?”

The End



Man I wrote this all in one sitting. It’s now 2:51 and I’ll go through it tomorrow and finish editing and stuff.

I wanted the very end question to be you choice who said, like, was it Ruben accepting Ashley’s help or Ashley refusing to leave her brother’s side.

By the way, if you are a fan of my account I swear I have NOT given up on Alimente! I swear! This summer has been kinda crazy so I’m waiting till school starts (in 3 day WAAAA) so I can get a schedule and get back into the rhythm of work and such.

Anyway I hoped you guys liked, and one last thing, these characters (Ashley and Ruben) won’t be popping up again. It was a one time thing.

I was actually sitting on the roof of my house listening to music when I get the idea for this, so I climbed down and started writing.

The song is called Hold Me Now by Red, check them out!!

Till next time see ya!






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