The Dangers of the UNKNOWN - chapter one

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My boyfriend of two years has finally moved back to Arizona, i have been waiting for this day forever .. i just hope it goes the way i want it to and it stays that way until i can move in with him.

Submitted: March 16, 2011

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Submitted: March 16, 2011



'Babe do you want me to come over to help you get unpacked tomorrow?' I texted him , already knowing the awnser.

' Sure, if you want baby but i got most of it done today, but you can come over anytime any day you want I'll give you the key tomorrow!' whoa didnt expect the last part but deffinatly like it!

'Anthony you dont have to do that?' but toatlly glad he did.

'babygirl your my world everything thats mine is yours. what time should i be expecting you?'

'well i have school so around 3? is that ok?'

' ofcourse it is i cant wait till your here! love you babe.'aww hes the best guy any girl could ever ask for.

' i love u to my king but i have to go to sleep so im afaid its good night :('

' night babygirl counting down the hours till i see u'. god i cant wait for tomorrow..

-the next day.. at Anthonys-

We just got done unloading the last box and puting everything in order. Anthony being the sweet heart that he is he gave me a key and he told me i can keep any of my things here if i wanted! That was an intresting converstation i was totally suprised, not only did he give me the space in his new pad but he gave me a ring! He pointed to the bathrooms and to the dresser and the closet, when i turned my head he was down on one knee pulling out a little black box!

"whats this?"

"Lexi i love you with all my heart and soul, i want you to be in my life 100% not just as my girl friend i want you to be my wife and nothing less! Please mary me?"

i was speachless.. i couldnt find my voice all i did was nodd my head. i pulled his head up to mine only to meet in the middle for a deep kiss, which lead to us being on the bed! We've never gone this far but it was speacial enough for me. i had been saving my self for marige but Anthony and i have servived just about everything. We went though long distance, drama the crazy does he/she really love me stage and Anthonys chance of ending up in jail, nothing could break us! the moment of us just lying there trying to steady our breaths, me in Anthonys arms. I never wanted it to end, but my mom called askeing me if i would be home of dinner?

"what does she want?" anthony asked.

"she wants to know if ill be home for dinner!will i?"

"nope dinner is on me tonight!" he winked and i got the inuendo i held back the laugh until after i told my mom no i wont be home and hung up. Then i bursted out in laughter. "so what should we have for dinner tonight?" he winked again and lean in for anthor kiss which led back to sex. when we finally had enough he made some mac and cheese. It was around 10:30 when i finally made it home, my mom wasnt happy.

"sorry mom, it wont happen again i promise to be home before 9 next time."


"yes" Glad i got off.

i went strieght to bed but ofcourse i tested Anthony good night. i didnt tell my mom about the engagment yet because she would freak and i wanted anthony there to at least protect me from her wrath. Iknew if she went as far as to kick me out Anthony would gladly allow me to stay with him. Well were going out to dinner on Saturday night why not tell her then, Anthony will be there so its the perfect time.

-Saturday Night at Red Lobster-

"Mom, dad Anthony and I have something to tell you?"

"Oh??" my mom replied shakilly!

"Anthony proposed to me last night and I said yes, we want to get married on my 18th bithday! i know that it takes time so im giving you a heads up. We can discus me staying at his house later but right now lets get out the anger i can see in your face, why?"

"oh i dont know it might have something to do with the fact that your 17 and engaged!"

"well we've been together for over 2 years and have know each other for 3! why not when we went to spend college and the years after that together!"

"Lexi your young and i will not let you live under my house engaged!"

"Fine Ill stay with anthony!" i turned to anthony "If thats ok?"

"Of course it is babe!" he spoke for the first time as so did my dad."Lexi hes a criminal!"

"No hes not i cant believe you still hold that against him he hasnt gotten into anymore trouble since weve been together! If you cant except my Fieonce then you wont be in my life because its with him! just keep in mind mother you had a past to and ive never held it against you granted you older but you never even gave him a chance! you have to be given a chance to get rid of your past in oder to get rid of it!" i got up and motioned to anthony to go cause i didnt want him to have to sit here and be ridiculed.

We left back to Anthonys my parents didnt text me that night nor did i text them i wanted them to think about what i said. i spent my time with anthony all night in bed happy! This is right me sleepig next to him in his arms kissing me embacing me throu the night i really hope my parents get over this and help us. i need them in my life, why they hold anthonys past to him is beyond me but they do and until they dont there not gonna be in my familly!

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