Once Upon a Town

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Girl moves from City to Country. (revision)

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Once Upon a Town

Most people always hear stories about the small town girl, going after her big city dream of becoming a famous movie star, but not this story. This is a story about Molly, who is a seventeen year old girl who has recently had to move away from her busy New York City and into a small town, in the middle of nowhere Kentucky.

Having to move your senior year in high school is hard enough, but moving seven hundred miles away from everything you’ve ever known is difficult, too. Although Molly’s parents, Andrew and Roxy, loved the city, the economy was getting tough so they decided it would be in their best interest to take the proposal Andrew’s boss offered them. Andrew must build four new banks in the surrounding counties, and the company will pay all their expenses while they live there.

Saying goodbye to the apartment Molly had lived in since she was born was difficult, but saying goodbye to her friends was much worse. There were the expected tears and promises of “seeing you soon” and then the much dreaded departure.

As they make their way to southern Kentucky, where the words are long and the accents are sweet. Now there at the town they’ll be calling home for a while. Driving through the one stop light town, they began to realize they are going to have some major changes in their lifestyle. The only businesses Molly sees is a local salon, churches, a few houses here and there, a gas station or two, and a Piggly Wiggly.

Finally they make their way to their new house, which doesn’t look nearly as fancy or big as their old apartment building. The average sized cabin was beautifully decorated with two rocking chairs and a porch swing, out in the middle of a wide open field filled with cows and a few horses. Roxy and Andrew commented on how nice and serene it felt out in the open country. Molly just scrunched her nose up because she could smell the cow manure that wasn’t too far away.

“Well, let’s start unpacking!” declared Roxy.

Once inside the furnished house, with four large bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace, and a basement because apparently storms were badly know to the area; they began to get settled in. Although Molly didn’t want to admit it, she liked the house. It gave her a comforting feel and felt inviting. She really loved her huge closet, filled with pretty clothes. Plus, a stylishly decorative new room, all because her parents felt guilty for making her move so far away.

Molly got into bed, and began dreading starting school tomorrow, that was probably filled with “hillbillies”. The new morning she got up and dressed, wearing her new plaid mini skirt with the cute new sparkled top and her favorite high heels. She stepped into her new BMW, which was also a guilt-gift from mommy and daddy, and went to school.

She pulled into the parking lot, trying to find a parking spot, and realized immediately she was out of place. The only nice vehicles on the parking lot were in the teachers section! Pulling between an old beat-up Chevy truck and a car that was missing a side mirror and was three different shades of green!

Walking into the school, Molly tried finding where to go to get her schedule, but all she could find was people starring at her and whispering to each other. She walked up to a group of girls and decided to introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Molly”, she said.

“You sure do know how to make an entrance, Molly. I’m Hannah, this is Kaylee and Brittney.”

“Do you know where I can pick up my schedule at? I’m a little lost.”

“Oh yeah, just go around that corner over there and down the hall and ask the receptionist.”

“Thanks”, Molly said with a smile.

Once Molly finally got her schedule figured out, she made her way to first period. All day was a blur, but she knew she felt out of her comfort zone. Everyone kept starring at her and some had even asked who she was, if she was famous, and the most asked question: why did you move here?

The next day she decided just to wear jeans and a cute blouse, with a pair of knee high boots. All she wanted to do was blend in and make the day go by smoothly. Everyone she met was welcoming and friendly, and especially a boy named Parker who had even asked for her number!

Throughout high school Molly had several different boyfriends, but never anyone like Parker. Whenever she was talking to him, he actually paid attention and listened. He was interested in things she did and said, and not to mention he was really cute. A lot of girls were getting jealous of Molly, not only was she a sweet and gorgeous girl that had everything she ever wanted, but she was also getting the attention of one of the cutest guys in school!

One Molly’s way home that afternoon, as her luck would be, her car started making terrible noises and then smoke started rolling out from under the hood! She didn’t have a clue of what to do, she didn’t know cars! Roxy was shopping, and Andrew was working, she had to walk almost a mile to get cell phone service. She decided she’d call Parker, maybe he’d know what to do.

When Parker came to the rescue, he tried getting Molly’s car going, but he didn’t know anything about foreign cars. He called a friend who would have it towed to a garage to be fixed. Meanwhile, Parker would take Molly home, but he asked her if she wanted to go to a party later tonight. She was so excited! Some parties in the city involved drugs and some heavy drinking.

When Parker came to pick her up that night, he came in to meet her parents. Molly had never met a boy so polite! Her parents definitely approved, especially when he promised to have her home safe and sound by ten. Molly didn’t know any party that was over by ten. They got into his truck and were on the way!

When they arrived at Cooper’s house, a friend of Parker, Molly was surprised by this “party”. The only thing going on was a bunch of teenager’s playing cards and drinking a few beers. Parker didn’t drink because he was driving, and they started teaching Molly how to play.

After a couple of hours, everyone laughed and had a good time. Molly and Parker left so that they could just ride around on back roads and get to know each other a little better. Parker told Molly all about his family, and what he wanted to do when he got out of high school. He was hoping to get a scholarship playing football.

When Parker dropped Molly off and kissed her goodnight her world felt complete. At first she had hated the country, the small town, the long line of traffic behind a tractor. But she began to love how the food tasted here, and how friendly everyone was towards one another. She started thinking about how the city was so cluttered and noisy and how calming and open it was out in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. After all her years in the big city, Molly wishes she could have moved to a small town a long time ago. She not only started to fall in love with Parker and his cute country boy ways, but also the place that she now calls her home.

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