The Cause and Effects of Meth

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The causes and effects of meth and how they effect all those around you, also how people do it and why.

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012





Causes and Effects of Meth

Have you tried something for the first time then after that you’re hooked? Whether it is a game, food, or drugs. If you don’t have it every day your whole day is ruined, well that is what happens when you try meth for the first time. It then after that becomes a part of your everyday life. It affects your body, your relationship with your family, and also the way people look and talk to you.  Meth also causes physical damage, psychological damage, and also behavioral change.

When someone starts using meth they rarely think about the effects that it can cause to your body. Such as tooth loss, sores on your face, how it makes you look years older and also can cause you to have unprotected sexual activities which can lead to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B and C.  Those who start using meth usually stop using personal hygiene such as bathing every day, wearing clean clothes, brushing their hair, brushing their teeth. That is usually why so many of them have tooth loss. The drug causes salivary glands to dry out, which allows the mouth acids to eat away all the enamel causing cavities and then causing them to start rotting.

Meth not only affects your body and your personal appearance but it also affects the relationship with your family and your loved ones. While you’re on meth you start to develop violent, bizarre out breaks, out of control rages and also unable to sleep. The things that they use enjoy they don’t. They change their friends, usually they friends that they have now also are on meth as well. The one on meth usually end up steeling from their own family, whether it be money, credit cards, or valuable items that they can pawn for money in order to buy more drugs when they run out. This usually causes a strain on the family as they will do it to everyone they know because to them the drugs are the most important thing to them, that is now the only family they have. They also end up becoming homeless where they have been kicked out of their family’s home where they have stolen money and other thing from them and are on meth. If the user of meth has children they sometimes end up in another family’s home or in foster care where they have been taken away because they forget to take care of them and spend all the money on meth instead of what their kids need. The user of meth sometimes gets pregnant while they are still using and don’t stop even when the baby is born. This usually causes they are born with having with drawls from the drug and sometimes are born with birth defects and or mental problems.

When people began to use meth whether it be a male or female, older or younger people but your appearance does change and people also began to look at them differently. Not only because them using it and not having personal hygiene, but because they know what you can be capable of like steeling and have an outbreak moment for no reason. Meth can also have an effect on your public figure if you are in an out of jail, and the news for a drug bust, stealing from someone or a store. People will began not to have anything to do with them because of what they have done already and what they are capable of doing again. People will talk to them differently just by the way they look because of how they have sores on their faces, rotted teeth and the way that they aren’t in their right now. People they know will avoid them, not speak or just ignore them if the user does speak to them based on the past.

Although meth has several effects that come along with using it, but the causes of meth and what it can do to your body can be also as severe as the effects.

Meth causes not only physical damage but also psychological damage as well. It can cause paranoia, visual/auditory hallucinations, mood disturbances, delusions, homicidal/suicidal thoughts and or attempts, and out of control rages. This is something that they can never be able to get rid of. Even if they get off the meth this is something that will always have an effect on them and may cause them to do other drugs on top of what they do, start over, or do more. This is the main reason why so many overdose because they can’t handle or don’t seek help because they don’t want to admit they have a problem due to the psychological problem.

Not only does meth cause someone to have physical and psychological problems but it also cause behavioral problems as well. People on meth tend to have mood swings and tend to have out breaks more often than not. Their personality will change and they will become more violent not only towards their family but also their friends. They will start acting like their new friends and having them influence them to do whatever they say just in order to get the drug.

Meth is a serious drug that doesn’t have any good that can come from it. It causes a strain on the families and love ones that they have. So if you or someone you know is on meth, try and talk to them or seek help.

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