the vacancy.

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its just random

Something about the night and it’s persistence to darkness.

How dusk is so beautiful and then there’s just an empty black sky.

Something about the chill when the air lies still.


How even then without the wind, the trees whisper to the grass and the grass feeds the dirt.

The soil that is ultimately the foundation of every life.

We walk over it and show our respects by leaving it be unless we need to get rid of waste and things we no longer want.


One day the ground will swallow us all. Bury us. And no one will know the difference. We will be hidden underneath the surface.

Covered by the still glowing green grass.  It facades the deeply rooted evil underneath.


Like the smile of the Devil. Or the fake hugs we receive from our “loved ones”.

But tonight there sings a difference.  A temper in the atmosphere.


At an hour that goes unnoticed, some force will intertwine the in sky.

 A small knocking and shoving.  A replacement of before and after.


 I will wait for it. I will call for it. And it will call back.

On different planes. In different dimensions.


I will speak for those which have such an unrecognizable voice.

That few can hear because so few listen.


It hates us. It is regretful that it allows us to carry on without proper tithing.


It provides for us an alternative.

 A way to live without breath. A way to fulfill without consumption.


If you hear it too, let me know. Sometimes I feel so alone.

That perhaps no one else feels the night like I do. No one embraces the vacancy.


Embrace The lamentation.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lexie M. All rights reserved.

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