No Love In The Rain Anymore

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taken from my book, "Never Felt So Single"

Submitted: December 06, 2008

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Submitted: December 06, 2008



No Love In The Rain Anymore


My brain must be mad

Because I'm upset

What happened now?

Why am I away?





Threw it away





Threw it away

Would of been better

__had I been me

But I had to change

"Don't know" why

Wasn't me!

Wasn't me!

Shove me in a hole

Take the tole and all

And then run off

__and not let her car thru

Would of had meaning

Now she's gone

Would of known something

Now I don't

"But I guess" I aughta go

And "I guess" I'll be somewhere

When I bleed


My head

I've lost my mind


Well, I'd give anything

__for another go!

But cannot

__ever be shown

____when I will take another

______for a ride

When my car

__oh, it is dead

Any myself I cannot pay

__to ever drive now


When the world gives me one more try

I'll be O.K.

__and would not care

If I lost another one

Well, it sure beats

__having no more at all

Or maybe that's just what some one said

When he or she was somkin' one

__"to the head"

Blame the losses

__and just look away

For new love

__on a rainy day

But now that I

__think about it

How can a rainy day ever have love

__ever again now?

God has plans for me

__that I have yet to see

But I hold my "head high"

__and my heart just explodes

And I'm myself no mo'

I wouldn't pay a penny for no one

Yes, I take good care of my alonehood

But as the years add up

__still with no one to love

____how can my heart grow?

Why blame myself for things I fear?

I've done nothing to have this life

Who's ever fault it is

__is obviously not aproved by me

And I can carelessly not give a fuck

Though it will go "to my head"

Until only disorder is left


12-02-'08 #2

D. L. Cannon

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