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I wrote this poem for a school assignment, so I thought I'd share.

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013



Bright Light. Lady. Black.
The nanny carries her in, the mother walking in front.
The father looks at her and walks away with his brandy.
Shown to toddler boy, known as Simon.
Nanny teaches me to walk and talk
Recognises her as ‘ma-ma.’ Corrected.

Five years old. Holding decadent tea parties dressed as princesses.
Ten years old. Popular at highest private school in country.
Thirteen years old. Starting high-school, second day of school, everyone knows her.
Fifteen years old. First modelling course, move houses to a villa on the beach.
Sixteen years old. First boyfriend. Tells mother. Corrected.

Graduated. First day at work. Stress. Pressure. Eat something. Stop eating. Rumours. Scandals. Married. Affair. Divorce. What are you doing in your life? Married. Divorced. Alone. No friends. Fired from work. Yo-yo diet. Thirty-years old. Tired. Stressed. Alone. Mother gives talk on life. Corrected.

Middle of the night, walking home.
Dark Street. Sweet moonlight. All alone.
Coffee house, late at night.
Meets a girl. Best friends.
Introduced to Dave. Fall in love. Get married. Two kids, a girl and a boy. Get a job. Nice house. Nice car. Nice family. Calls mother. Tells her about life. Mother comes around to the home. Chaos and fun and laughter fill the house. Mother corrects.

Thirty years later. Kids grown up, living their own lives.
Happily retired with husband.
Lawyer’s call. Mother and father passed away. Sole air of family fortune. Decides to split it up between family members.
Ten years later. Husband is seventy-seven. Passes away due to a heart attack. Heart-broken. Depressed. Scared. Alone. Again. Goes to a therapist. Corrected.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep – beep – beep. Beep. Silence. Dies. Corrected. Last attempt. Free.

Bright light. Man. Black.


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