Nightingale High.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Things are not as they appear at Nightingale High. In fact the students there have a taste for blood. Ravyn Bane, human
(or so she thought), finds herself in danger when she falls for the bad boy of the school, Kieren Knight.

Nightingale High was anything but an ordinary school. The student body were mixed between Vampyres and Lycans. Unlike all the kids here I had snow white hair and very pale skin. The vampyres here are not like the ones you read about in twilight. Every student here has dark hair and dark skin. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I found my locker and a girl standing next to it.

"Hi, I'm Kyah Elyzabeth Knight. I'm going to be your guide around the school for a few days until you get settled. We have all the same classes." She stuck her hand out waiting for mine. "Hello, I'm Ravyn Evermore Bane.But you can call me Ever." Her unnaturally bright green eyes widened. "You're the human they let in. May I ask why?" We began making our way to our first class. I nodded and she went on. "How did you get in here?" I knew that would be her first question. "My family had been attacked by a renegade group of Vampyres and Lycans. My parents and older brother all died and I sustained bites from both Vampyre  and Lycan."

She pulled me towards the bathroom and checked to make sure no one was in here with us "What are you doing?" I asked. She turned to me with wide eyes and said. "Ever, you are the only person in history to survive bites from both sides. You're a mixed breed, and more powerful than anyone else in our world." I starred at her for a long time and in the distance I heard the bell ring. "This is crazy Kyah." SHe nodded and opened the door. "Lets get yo class before we get in trouble with Ms. Behavin." I followed Kyah down the hallway to a classroom with only twelve students in it."

"Ms. Knight, why are you a Ms. Bane late?" Ms. Behavin was a tall, slender woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Kyah looked nervous so I spoke for her. "I apologize Ms. Behavin, I got lost seeing as it's my first day. Kyah found me down by the south stairs. I promise it wont happen again." The teacher smiled at me and waved us to our seats. Kyah mouthed a thank you in my direction. My seat was next to a boy maybe 6'5 with black hair and icy blue eyes. He watched me take my seat then he spoke. "You must be the new blood." He smirked at me and I felt a huge inpulse to smack the daylight out of him, but decided I wanted to live. "My name is Ravyn Evermore Bane, but you can call me Ever, Not "New Blood"." He laughed out loud and everyone stared at us.

"Mr. Knight and Ms. Bane, Why do you feel the need to disrupt class?" HE was Kyah's brother! "Ms. Behavin I suggest you call me Kieren and her Ever. We are not at a social club where everyone has to be formal. And if I may be so bold, I'm sure Headmaster Hecate would love to hear how you blow students in the boiler room." Ms. Behavin's mouth dropped open in a horrified O. I looked at Kieren, his blue eyes met me with a serious look in them. He stood up and grabbed my wrist. "We're leaving. Kyah lets go." She stood and followed us out the door.

I jerked my hand loose and stopped. "Where are we going and why did you blackmail a teacher?" Kieren looked at Kyah. "Go to Headmaster Hecate's office and let her know we will be taking Ms. Bane to her room due to her feeling under the weather. Then I want you to go eat. You haven't eaten today." She looked apologetic. "Don't hurt her Kieren." Kyah warned as she left. Without warning he swept me up into his arms. "Put your arms around my neck and pretend to be sick." That wasn't hard, I felt nauseous. He carried me to mine and Kyah's room with ease and set me down on the bed.

"I don't know what it is about you, Ravyn. But I feel drawn to you. The moment I laid eyes on you I knew you had to be mine." His words exhilarated me, making it hard for me to breathe. Kieren came close to me and placed his hands on my face. "You are so breathtakingly beautiful, Ravyn." He leaned in and place a tender kiss on my lips, which sent fire to my bones. It must have ignited a fire in his because he kissed me ferosiously I laid back on my bed and pulled his atop of me. I wanted him close to me. I unbuttoned his black vest to find a white vneck underneath. I pushed it up over his head and my eyes traveled down his body. He was beautiful.

He lifted my shirt off with ease and gazed at my purple lace bra. "You are the most beautiful creature walking this earth. Let me take you." In response I kissed him and his hands made their way to my skirt. He pulled it off in one fluid motion. He took in the sight of my matching panties and I could see the lust in his eyes. He kissed my throat and I found the button on his pants. Once I got them off I could feel his erection through his boxers.

He slid my panties down over my pale thighs and off of me. he trailed kissed from my throat, to my breasts, to my stomach and stopped. He pulled my thighs apart slightly and ran his tongue over my wetness and I moaned in pleasure. He continued to lick me for several moments before he finally entered me. His eyes locked onto mine as we made passionate love.


Ps. Part two coming soon!







































Submitted: December 12, 2014

© Copyright 2021 lexie7093. All rights reserved.

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Can't wait for part 2, keep up the good work. I liked the story in itself except I would suggest you slow down the pace a bit and provide slightly more details. regardless, keep up the good work :)

Sat, December 13th, 2014 1:14am


Thank you! :)

Sat, December 20th, 2014 12:27am

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