Peace & Silence.

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Do you feel The Hurt...The Pain ??? Cause' I Do.

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



All I want and All that I need is Silence,

It Hurts Though.

I thought that I was Stronger than This,

But I Hurt.

I Cause MySelf Pain,

SelfHarm, if that is what you want to call it.

I call it Sweet & Needed Release,

I Call it a Ravealing Time.

One Cutt, Two Cutt, Three Cutts, Four...

As The Blood starts to Hit the Floor,

It is too Late for Me...

For This Little Girl,

For an Inosant Soul.

The thing is...

I have already sold My Soul to The Devil.

He has his Grasps on Me, and it just keeps Getting Tighter and Tighter Every Single Day.

Their is No Help for Me.

Silence Scares Me,

But it Saves Me.

I Happen to Hate and Dispize it,

But Love and Can't Live without it.

I Hate being Alone,

But I Am Scared to Get Close.

I can't run from my Demons,

They Chase, and Run, and Scream at Me whenever I Try...

Their is No Escaping Them, They Work for and With The Devil.

(I will Finish Sometime Tomorrow.) (Ttyl, I love you Guys...Forever and Always.) (Love My Life.).


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