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a story of fank a man who finds love for his father

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



He was sitting idly by, in his vehicle, when it was time to finally enter the hardware store named Joey Prithes, after the owner.Frank had treated the Pritches as if they were his second mother and father. As a boy Frank would always go to the Pritches, but things have changed, since then. The Pritches, as well as his folks, were now deceased.  His father had been a carpenter and would always take Frank shopping because as a boy he would touch everything in the store, so it reminded his father to remain mindful of Frank.  He would get yelled at by his father. Who would say thing like, “Hey, Kiddo don’t touch that,”  “this is not a toy store,” and “Put that down you are only going to hurt yourself.” On this very day, though, on the anniversary of his father’s death he had to fix a leak in the roof. Though, he could not comprehend how to do it he figured the lord would eventually take over, and he would have a better understanding of things, that is once he got beneath the shingles. In his not knowing, he knew that he had to buy a hammer, some shingles, and some roofing nails. He could always remember being told by his father not to touch the nails because they were sharp, and could go right through his hand. This is once again when he was a boy, that is, when he was in the days of his youth. When he thought, how could such a small nail go through my hand?  He figured that it was because his skin was young and thinner, than his fathers who had had rough callused hands, and neck.

His father was a smoker. His fingers were stained yellow with nicotine. So he always admired such a characteristic. Even though he was never allowed to take part in the carpentry he would sometimes steal a smoke from his father knowing that if he was caught there would be hell to pay. He never got caught though, but did eventually wind up a smoker. He smoked the same brand as his father, camel filtered. In his dying years, because his father knew that the good lord had him, he switched it up to none filtered.  In order to prove the point that he was the roughest toughest brawniest man that the good lord had crated. This is the same man that would toil on the roof all day in the blaring sun and had a good nature about what needed to be done. He would constantly come around and hassle the employees who were helping him build based on what they were doing. They were always doing wrong to the guy even as a child Frank saw this. He knew that the guys were being payed well and he knew that they would always be allowed to take lunch, even though his father did not. He would work through the day, without a morsel of food with a camel water pack on his back. He kept the nozzle clipped to his shirt. All he had to do was turn his head to take a sip.  This only because his father loved to work. In fact he loved it so much that he worked until his dying day. Even though his father was dead it was now time for Frank to prove that he was a man to his father. He had to actually fix something!

Frank did not have much. He worked at a bank and owned a small hobble on the south side of town. He owned a small automobile, he didn’t have a girl friend, and his was frequently over on over draft fees at the bank. His father would always tell him keep enough in your account each month to pay the bills but after frank’s father’s death Frank developed a morphine addiction. Though his father never touched the stuff he had to find some way to kill the pain of his father’s death, and the morphine would sooth him. In his addiction he did not know how to act and frequently forgot things. Things like his house keys or to turn off the sink water, ect. He had even been known to put his pants on backwards because of it. But today it was his father’s dying anniversary and he had a roof to fix.

Frank thought something was up, he walked into the store everyone seemed so nice and caring, and he knew that his father’s will towards him was not a kind one. Meaning that his father hoped that frank would, in his life, meet a cruel cruel fate because of the way his father was always after him, the way his father was always keeping frank on his mind. He knew that the people must have been concerned about him the way his father always was. But now even in his addiction he would fix the room, and just as he imagined all of the saints in heaven would come down to earth forgive the error of his ways, in not learning a thing about being handy from his father, and allow Frank to fix the roof. All of the stores people would stop and ask, “Is everything alright,” or “do you need help?” and he would deny them with falsified kindness. He felt as if he was in his youth once again; and became very afraid because it was as if he did not belong in the store if he was not under his father’s super vision. He thought that he was going to get hurt. He was in an almost manic state wanting to have a panic attack towards every one that approached him to greet him.  As he pushed the dolly around the home improvement section of the store. He had a choice to make, a quandary, that of which type of hammer he should use. He thought to himself, “Well, my father would always use a wooden hammer so I will go with that,” and so he placed the wooden hammer on the dolly. He could not believe it his own hammer! It was thrilling for him to see. It was a marvel. He could finally go out and fix something, like his father used to do. He could finally be accepted, and prove to his father that he never would have been hurt in one of these stores, so he could enter one without him. Even if the Pritches were no longer here the store still felt like home. The guy that took it over kept the same name for the sake of the small town atmosphere it provided. He never told anybody, but he always wanted to be a carpenter when he was younger. He would admire his father whenever he saw him up on the ladder or fixing a roof, and now it was his turn to show the world, that he was going to now know the same art as his father, which was that of carpentry.

After putting the hammer in the cart he felt even more out of sorts and even began to become frustrated. One plump woman had said, “Excuse me,” for she had knocked into his dolly. He jumped back in full agitation and said there is no excuse for you, now be gone!” She shuddered looked the other way and ran. He was now feeling his oats as everyone in the store gawked at him. Some people even hissed others applauded, like “job well done,” and “god what are you doing here.” He felt as if he was in a horror picture and everyone was his audience. It just did not feel like home anymore. He wished that his father was in the store with him or that the Pritches were still alive. Frank wished for just about anything that would make his world right. This state of not knowing was driving him crazy. He really wanted to know how to fix the roof. He then settled in and began to laugh and apologize to the woman. She said, “Stay back I have mace,” but he was in no hurry to get maced and was now in a hurry to get out of the store.  So he picked up the roofing nails. The ones that he should never had touched in his youth with fear that they would go through his hand, because he had soft skin. He also needed a bundle of shingles to patch the roof; he loaded them on the cart.  And finally he was at the counter laughing as if he were mad with distress.

The cashier asked, “Can I help you,” and he said, “No you cannot help me. Check me out!”

The cashier said, “Fine,” as Frank let out a little chuckle. The cashier said, “One hammer,” “one bundle of shingles,” and “one box of roofing nails.” “That is right,” frank said, “one hammer wooden handled, “one box of roofing nails,” that won’t go through my hand because my skin is now thick,” and one bundle of shingles,” he continued while still chuckling. Are you alright the cashier asked? He said “yes I am well” though it was evident that his entire day had fell apart since he put the hammer on his dolly. It was as if his daily morphine fix had worn off and he was acting the part. As it would seem Frank had suddenly become some kind of freak let loose in society, with the normal people who could recognize ailment and distress.

The cashier said, “That will be twenty four dollars.” “For this,” responded frank? “Yes,” said the cashier, “twenty four dollars.” “I don’t see,” said frank, “the hammer is wooden handles not steal the nails are tiny implements and the shingles are made of tar. How could this cost so much?” “Manager to register 7,” the cashier said over the loud speaker. The manager came rushing up and asked if everything was alright and frank responded with, “no things are not all right, how does so little cost so much? The manager told him that the hammer that Frank was buying was in fact brand name and so were the shingles. He informed Frank that there were the store brand shingles to purchase, as well as hammer, but Frank did not choose to make the exchange. Instead he Said, “I cannot go through with all of that I am in a rush, my roof is leaking and It is raining out; I therefore need these items most expediently,” “Besides,” Frank went on, “These are the brands my father had used and I need him with me when I do this; he is dead you know.”  “I am sorry to hear,” said the manager, “Well please then pay your bill and be on your way. I saw you act out on the woman earlier; our store does not necessarily deal with your type of customer. But if indeed your roof is leaking and your father has passed, then I suppose we can make an exception. Frank knew that he had been to Pritches many times before, that is with his father. He had thought that such and accusation as to have not dealt with his kind of customer was absurd. In fact he felt like showing him the funeral card for Mr. Pritches, the one he kept in his wallet in case he needed to say a prayer. But instead Frank was doing what he had always been doing his whole life, as well as when his father died and that is he kept his mouth shut. No matter how difficult things were frank would keep his mouth shut. His father used to always question him by saying, “What in the world are you ever going to say to your wife.” Frank would always take these types of talks as an insult and would remain all the more silent. In all honesty when he was called out by his father who would always be open enough to kiss his mother on job sights frank would become the most silent in the house. He knew that with his parents gone he must stick up for himself. He knew also that he was going to miss his father and needed some way to prove to the world that he was over his death, by him fixing his roof. With this state of mind being frank knew that if he did not stick up for himself right now he would not be in any kind of mood to fix the leaking roof, so he gathered all of the courage in the world and snatched the purchase out of the managers hand as he handed it to frank.

“Thank you,” frank said, “I do not wish to be harassed here nor do I wish to cause further insult, so I will be on my way.” “Well then,” said the manager, “I see that we are getting somewhere here so please pay your bill and do as you had said.” Frank was suddenly back down to Earth form the extravagance of the latter thought process. He was now completely out of his element. He knew not how to steal but everything in side of his said make a run for it before you are considered wrong. But then a cruel reality was bestowed upon Frank he knew that if he were to run out of the store he would upset his father, all the way up in heaven. Especially because this used to be Mr. Pritches hardware store. He could see the two of them up there now sitting on a cloud discussing world politics or maybe day dreaming or being fished by words. Either way frank knew that this was the afterlife that he was envisioning. Not to say the he wanted to know more but he did enjoy the dream. He saw himself run out of the store with most haste, with shingles on his shoulder knocking into the woman from the before said quarrel. He then slid across the hood of his car with the hammer and nails in the bag dropping the shingles in the back seat like it was his job. He suddenly transformed from depressed old frank with the opium addiction to a common imitation of a super hero. He was suddenly snapped back to reality, while staring straight in the sky with his eyes wide and a little bit of drooled was leaking down his cheek. He had heard a voice, “Sir, Sir,” pleases pay and be on your way. Frank came back to reality and said, “I will indeed,” as he muscled around in his pocket to fish for cash.

While fishing in his pocket he pulled out a pack of cigarettes with one bogy remaining and a snuff can. He found an appointment card for his doctor that prescribed him morphine and his father’s funeral card which he kept intending to make it to church, on the anniversary of his passing. He eventually wrestled his way through the conglomeration of stuff in his pockets pulling out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to the store clerk. “Very well “he said. “Very well indeed,”responded the manager.

As frank existed the store he was pushing his cart towards his vehicle when a woman leaned on the horn and had said, “Watch where you are going you bozo.”  He gave the woman the finger as she passed. He felt invigorated after the dream he had about stealing, from the store.” She then rolled down her window and said, “You know you got a lot of learning to do before you talk to me like that. I should have you arrested,” and then she began pulling away. Frank shouted, “Yes, you might as well take me to prison because it is just that kind of day,” he then continued to push the cart towards his vehicle and upon arrival unloaded the equipment into his car.

“What a lousy bitch she was,” said frank too himself, “I cannot believe I found two of them in one day,” frank thought. “My old man would have probably walloped one on um just to prove that they were wrong. I have no Idea what to expect any more because this is all to messed up to speak.”

After he collected these thoughts he unlatched the trunk of his car and put the shingles in it, along with the nails. He kept the hammer, in the front seat as a sort of tribute to his father that is since he would be working with the same kind of hammer, as the old man. Loading the vehicle was strenuous to Frank. He knew that if he did not give that woman the finger he would have lost control because of the pain his back was in. his morphine must have been wearing off. So frank melodically reached into his pocket and pulled out his prescription of pills. Sending one right down the hatch. His back was aching much like his father’s used too. But his father would only wash away pain with Mr. Pritches and he would never swallow it. he would always drink it down with his old friend and frank would always be the center of their conversations sometimes they would talk so much about him and say things so quickly that Frank would have a difficult time keeping up. So he would ask question after question and sometimes simply ignore that he was being the subject of the conversation. With this thought he decided to take a break and collect his thoughts. Taking out a pack of cigarettes he thought how wonderful it all would be if the Pritches and his father were still alive. Mr. Pritches could walk right into the house without any alarm and Frank always thought that was cool of his father. For the man had been so uptight in Frank’s upbringing to assure that he would always be on his mind, that frank saw a lighter side of the situation. When frank asked why Mr. Pritches always just walks right in he is informed by his father that it is about respect and security. The Pritches always thought Frank was so adorable in the way he would ask. He would say it with his 3 year old voice and his innocent demeanor that the Pritches would just have to laugh and say, “He is the cutest thing;
He saw that there was only one cigarette left. He felt ashamed because his father had always told him that when he smoked he should always buy a pack when there is two left in order to assure you that they never ran out. His father felt as if he should do this to assure that the tobacco company would always keep him employed. For, he saw the tobacco as god, figuring that if he continued to smoke, then the tobacco company would always keep him alive and able to buy cigarettes. Frank did not understand, but he went with it would be a travesty to lose a smoker because of monetary need. His superstitious father always knew that if he smoked he would remain employed and this would be because of the tobacco Gods. He always took him up on his advice and he always had a job, but now he felt bad, because he only had one cigarette left. He put his father’s words behind him because he had spent so much money at the hardware store. He thought that he could maybe make the day without a cigarette so in disregard to his father’s advice he lit the cigarette and threw the package on the ground in a state of discontent with what he was doing, that is not following his father’s advice. Two cars then drove by one of them being a police officer. The officer stopped and asked him how he was. Frank began to shake and felt as if he was in trouble, knowing that he did nothing wrong he answered with a sense of fake politeness, “I am fine, and you?” the officer responded with, “I am fine, but I do have a question for you.” Frank became worried that he was in trouble because his fathers always said do not trust the police because they have something to prove to you. Frank supposed he meant that since they had the right to possess a gun that they had to continuously prove that they are sane. Frank did not want to tempt the police man to make an arrest because of disregard for the law,  that is, in his not responding to the question. So Frank said, “Shoot.” The officer put on a straight almost cruel face and said, “What kind of cigarettes are those.” Frank answered, “Camel, the same type my father smoked he has recently passed and today is the anniversary of his death.” “Well then,” said the officer, “If you father has passed, and you two smoked the same cigarettes, I guess that it would be safe to say that he did not leave that pack on the ground seven feet away from you.” Frank responded, “no  sir that pack Is mine I am sorry for throwing them away it is just that…” the officer then picked up the radio and said we got a ten twelve public littering call for back up.” Frank said, “I see no point in this, I...I…” The officer stepped out of the car and said hands against the vehicle.”Frank said this is absurd what is the meaning of this have done is leave a pack of cigarettes on the ground.” That is fine sir, but now I must check to make sure you are in sound mind to drive, that is after I write you a ticket.” Frank wined, “But I can’t pay a ticket I have no money, my roof is leaking and, and….” It was then that the backup officer came, he put his lights on and said what do we have here.”  “Well we got a litterer.” “What is he high look at those pupils.” “Sir are you on any medications.” Frank responded with, “Yes I am I am on morphine for chronic pain of the psyche.” The officer asked, “Do you have a script of them.” Frank said, “My name is on the bottle. See right here.”  The officer responded with, “I don’t think so sir no reaching where are the pills?” They are in my pocket.”

 The officer took the pills out and read his name on the bottle.” Ok sir, now please give to me your license,” said the officer. “Well ok.” Said frank. “Do you live around here,” asked the officer.” Yes I live up the road,” sounded frank. Why is there not a picture on you license?” How do I know that you did not steal this license and this bottle from another car? You were out here acting suspicious smoking your cigarette.” “I would never," said frank. I just got my prescription filled.” Well I don’t know,” said the officer. “I have done nothing wrong, here.” Said frank. “You littered,” said the officer. “Well I don’t think that that is an arrest able offense.” “Well it is now,” said the officer. “On what grounds,” asked frank. “Well said the officer you are questioning the law and any way you are all doped up on morphine.” The backup officer said, “Yeah, how could you drive?” “I drive like anyone else,” said Frank.  Sure you do but you’re a doper,” said the officer.  Frank tried responding “Who... wait what…?” You are under arrest,” said the officer, “public littering and contempt of court, that is driving while intoxicated. Ideas to drive under the influence do not resist,” said the officer, “We have to take you in for finger printing.” They then placed hand cuffs on frank and brought him down to the police station.

As the y walked in to the police station the chief asked the officers, “What’s this one in here for.” “Littering,” said the officers. “Well hold on here!” said frank. “You have the right to remain silent,” said the officer. “Fine, “said frank.  “Now come here sir,” said the officer, you need to be finger printed.”
“Fine, just finger print me and let me be on my way.” “It’s not that easy said the officer.” We have to write a report, but first, today, we have a serious crime that needs to be solved. “What crime,” frank asked. There was a murder and only one witness to the crime we need to have a line up. It pays fifty dollars. Would you like to be in it? You sort of match the description and we need the witness to be absolutely sure who the murderer is, it is a particular process.” Frank thought that he could indeed use the fifty dollars to pay for next month’s morphine and cigarettes. He hoped that his father would understand that he needed to make the money so he might as well trust the law. “Sure,” said frank. “Well I suppose we could drop all the charges for you taking part in justice, I mean you’re just a litterer.” “That’s what I have been trying to say said frank. “Don’t get smart.”  Said the officer. “Fine then, frank said, I will take part for fifty dollars and being pardoned of my crime. “That is all,” said the officer. “Now bear with us for a moment. Would you like some coffee asked the officer. ““Yes I would like some coffee,” said frank.

He was up on his high horse because he knew that he had done nothing wrong and that he was about to be paid fifty whole dollars for standing in a line up. There is nothing like the law thought frank. My old man would be proud of me. I just knew with this divine opportunity that there was a girl somewhere out there for me. That would top this day off perfectly. A cup of coffee, fifty bucks, and a lady friend, then my old man would be proud. I could take this fifty bucks and go to the bar and buy her drinks and we could talk. We could talk about any old thing. Then I when I was drunk enough I could muster the courage to ask her back to my place, leaky roof and everything. She could then spend the night. I don’t know what it is about females. I just love their company.

“How do you take it,” asked the officer. “Light and sweet,” said frank. “Mmhmm,” said the officer. The officer then walked over from the coffee pot and placed the cup of coffee in front of Frank who immediately began to sip it. “This is wonderful,” said frank. As he said this he noticed the dispatcher behind the desk. She was a beautiful woman about the age of thirty with long red hair and beautiful green eyes. Frank took a good long look at her and then asked the officer. “Who is she?” “Oh that, that is Samantha she works here as a dispatcher.” Is she single?”Asked frank. “Yeah she is. Would you like to talk to her?” asked the officer. “I sure would.” Responded Frank “ You’re lucky,” the officer said, “not too many people get a chance to come in here and speak with her in person, it is always behind the glass. “ “Well said frank, I feel lucky just for me laying my eyes on her, she looks as if she belongs in Eden.” “That’s why we hired her,” said the officer, “she is a smart girl.” The officer then stood up and shouted out to her, “Samantha, come over her for a second someone would you!” “I can’t” she responded, “I have to work my post.” “It will be alright, we won’t be getting many calls until the school lets out in about an hour, those dam vandals, and… ” The officer continued, “the high school kids are always loitering and terrorizing the neighborhood especially on a Friday.” “All right,” she said, “but why.” “Because there is someone I want you to meet, his name is frank.” She came running over as if she listened to the officers every word.

Frank was memorized by her subtle attractiveness. As she ran over he was the man from the movies and she was the heroine who always made his every dream come true. Sure it may sound corny but this is just how Frank felt. He felt as if he had known her since eternity began; since the days of the snake and evil and God. His mind began to wonder how his father must be feeling up in heaven if the is the type of treatment he was getting around police stations. He was probably turning in his grave and picking a fight with some dead cop up on cloud nine. These thoughts brought Frank to a state of misunderstanding of how he got to speak to such a beautiful woman during such an awkward time. He thought that the woman was that experiment God had going and she truly was the lower rib.

“Hello,” she said to frank. “Hello, can I be your Adam…” frank squawked. “Excuse me she said.” The officer interjected by saying this is frank he is going to stand in the lineup today to help bring in the murder, we have a suspect but now he has to pointed out in a line up, I hope the bastard fries.” “Did you investigate this murder,” asked frank?” Well, Samantha here got the call while she was reading, what were you reading,” “Crime and Punishment,” she said. “Oh yeah, she takes classes at the college she is going to be a criminologist. But any way I got the call and would you not know it when I showed up at the house there was the old lady her mother, they say it was the husband, so we brought him in. he hacked her up with an axe.” Jesus, that’s horrible,” said frank. “How much time is he going to get.” “Long time,” said the officer, “and hey he lives just up the street from the hardware store, too.”  Being this way scared frank, he was not ready to talk murder on a first date so he then changed the subject. Did you like the story?” asked Frank “Oh yes,” said Samantha, “it really unravels the psyche of the criminal, he was mad you know. “Well that’s interesting,” said frank.

“Ok. We are ready,” said the backup officer.

“Now all I want you to do is stand in the center of the group of men and wait until she picks her guy. You look a lot like him but we need to be sure that it is he who committed the crime so your presence will make it absolutely sure. I need to mug shot you afterward so that way we could bring to court all of the people that we used in the lineup, this way there is no mistake about It.” said the officer “Fine” said frank, “But after that I get my fifty dollars right.” “Yes” said the officer. Samantha then asked, “How are you going to spend the money.” Frank said, “I was hoping to take you out to dinner.” “Fine by me” said Samantha. “ok that’s enough you two love birds can talk about this later, right now we got a job, to do.

The officer then escorted frank into the lineup room where frank thought. Wow someone in here actually killed someone. This concept amazed him because he had never met a criminal in his life. Nor has he ever committed a crime. It was as if he thought that this man would go to prison and frank’s life would become well again. Especially on the anniversary of his father’s death.

“Ok, you guys come with me; we have to stand you in the room under the lights so the witness could finger the real criminal. Just walk through that doer there and stand, listen to the speaker, it will tell you all what direction to turn in.”

Upon saying this frank and the other men walked into the room under hot halogen lights. They all stood facing a blacked out piece of glass where the witness could see them but they could not see the witness.  On the other side of the glass, there was a woman, around middle age, who said that she saw the murderer leave the victims house. She was unsure of whom he was but knew his build and hair color, so the police brought a suspect in on the charges of murder. he had been the victim’s employee and said the entire system was corrupt because he did not commit and crime.

In fact, he sounded just like Frank, when he was accused of littering. He knew that he had to take a stand for the sake of his freedom and this was it. Remarkable he had the same hair color as frank and the same build; frank thought he looked a lot like he was the presumed murder’s twin. The only difference was that frank had a birth mark on his cheek which made his appearance separate from the murderer’s.

Ok, ma'am I would like you to step the door way into the dark room. All of the suspects will be in a line and we will have them all turn to the so you could look and see all of their profiles from the side. Are you ready to enter the room? “well now these guys can’t see me can they,” said the witness “no ma’am said the officer they are not able to see you, the glass in a one way mirror, all they see is their own ugly mugs on the other side.” Said the officer. “Ok, but I am very unsure about this I don’t want to be in harm’s way,” said the woman. “Ok, said the officer, “we will have the police escort you back to you house in case you feel uneasy, but only after you finger the man you saw outside the victims house. “Very well, then,” the woman said.

Frank was dead smack in the middle of where the suspects were, in the lineup. Frank thought this will be great an easy fifty bucks and then I can have dinner with Samantha, what a day. Today was the first time in a long while that Frank felt sure of himself and another woman. He did not know how to display his ecstatic feeling so he put a grin on his face, allowing everyone to know he was in a joyous mood. But it had been so long since frank had grinned that his muscles began to twitch, and his face shook. The woman on the other side of the glass took a moment and said that is him, “are you sure,” said the officer. The woman replied with, “indeed, he is the man with the guilty grin, just the way I had saw him, outside of the house. When he was fleeing the scene he had been grinning. Almost as if he was saying he did a job well done, he’s sick.”

 All of a sudden frank felt a feel of uneasiness come over him and his eyes widened as If to prove innocence. He had no idea of what was going on the other side of the glass, though. He felt estranged; he knew that they must have just picked the murderer because it was as if God showed his face from heaven and made a choice. He felt the same way on the day that his father died.

Just then, the loud speaker came on and asked the men to turn to the left, so they did. “The officer asked, “Now you are sure that is him, right. The one in the middle.” She had said “indeed, the one in the middle.” Frank suddenly got use the feel and blamed it on nerves from his date tonight, he thought Samantha again, and he began to smile. The woman on the other side of the glass said, “that is him he is still smiling, he’s sick.”

Frank began to wish that the officers would have him turn the other way so he could show the mole on his face because he had been proud to have one, he used to be self conscious about it, but he got over that and began to accept that. He wanted Samantha to see it from the other side of the glass this way he would not feel awkward about it at the restaurant tonight. Then the loud speaker came on and the lights went out, the speaker said,” That would be all, you can all step down now.” Frank thought, this guy is going to fry, he killed someone with a hatchet and now he was caught. “Good rid dens,” frank said aloud.

As everyone began to exit the room frank noticed two officers standing by the door. He thought this is great I am going to see the guy arrested right in front of me, this will be a great conversation starter, over dinner that is. We could be like superman and wonder woman bringing the crooks to justice, for the sake of humanity. Frank then muscled around in his pockets and took out a morphine pill, placed it in his mouth, and swallowed it. oh he felt good now, he was cold but warm, he was sweating but shaking, it was as if he had just under gone a two hour work out he could not wait to go outside and talk to Samantha with as good as he felt.

Just then, the two officers said “Frank akidas you are under arrest for the murder of the woman and her child.  Frank suddenly did not feel so good, it was as if he was at the center of mercury where all the feelings that he had just experienced were brought to light, as the officers began to form a circle around him and talk. The officers did not say anything just a whole bunch of nothing to one and other. Frank though was tuned in because of the pill that he had just taken. they spoke in ridiculous riddled questions saying g things like “what about Samantha,” “did who murder who,” “if he’s the dog where could we find the cat,” frank knew not what Any of this meant but he did know that he was now in cuffs and that all of the officers at the station had suddenly turned on him, as he stood there. The officers seemed to build some kind of wall out of fields of energy all around frank. He could see that the vibes that they were sending him were anything but friendly. All of the feelings frank felt was gone. He had no feelings left in him at all.

 The officers said, “Ok psycho sit.” “Why on earth would you call me a psycho? It is simply put that you probably don’t even know where you are right now. “ “I do too,” said frank, “I am at the police station to stand in a line up and I now have a date with Samantha the dispatcher,” “yeah right said the officers you are a god damn psycho, that is only a psychotic delusion.” Said the officers. “No, really guys Samantha and I have a date.” Sure you do psycho,” “well where is she you could ask her,” “she just left, now if I hear her name out of your mouth one more time boy  I will rip out your tongue,” said the officer. ”Well,” said frank, “I don t’ think I deserve treatment like that why don’t I just collect my fifty bucks and leave. “I got your fifty bucks right here said an officer showing frank his fist, “right here,” he said and punched frank in the head.

Meanwhile, Samantha was in her car driving home she was listening to a little music and dreaming about frank. As she listened to the radio it sounded as if frank was singing and she thought that she had heard his soul. It was clear as day and she swore to God that it was as if Frank was put on the radio and she heard him sing. It was at the most beautiful crescendo in the song, her eyes swelled with tears, as she listened. She was falling in love with frank, head over heels, that is, at least for the moment. In thinking of Frank she felt the best she had ever felt in her life. Never could she compare the feelings she had in her mouth. It was as if the feeling in her mouth spread throughout the course of her body. Her throat was moistening and she thought that she should kiss frank because her sinus cavity was leaking, as if she was still crying, in the back of her throat. She call feel warming vibrations come from the radio waves, it was then that the song ended and the news started  it reported breaking news, that the killer of the woman and child had been found and the murder’s name was Frank kiedas. Samantha slammed on her breaks and whipped her car around heading back to the police station.

Frank was in the process of being finger printed it was as if his mind was blank when the officer said, “give me you right index finger, here’s a towel to wipe your fingers,” finally Frank could think. He hoped that the prints would come back and the world would see that it was not frank that had killed the man. There was suddenly a voice he heard in the back of the police station it was as if someone was reading him his whole life back to him over a radio or something. He asked the officer,” what is that noise,” “what noise,” responded the officer.” Frank said,” I hear as if there is an A.m. Radio on and someone is reading me my life. “You’re a schitzo,” said the officer. Frank peaked into the room that he had heard the radio in and saw only one officer writing a report. He was amazed that there was no radio on, his eyes met the officers and he slammed the door to make frank feel rejected. The duty officer finally said, “Ok psycho you coming with me, but first change into this,” it was an orange jump suit that frank had to put on. “Frank asked what is this, where are we going,” the officer replied,” We are going go down state bozo you are going to be tried for murder.” Frank said, “no but my roof, my father, i must… “Shut your mouth and putt the suite on.” said the officer.  Frank got a little scared and did what the officer had said to do. After changing frank said “ok what now.”  It was as if frank had become delusional from the morphine pills and saw this as some kind of joke; the joke was that the officers were his friends just a few minutes ago and now, suddenly they have turned on him. Frank, now, thought that the officers were going to take him to the prison just to show him around and Frank began to become a little excited. “Are we going to meet the criminals,” Frank said. “Yeah, that’s right; we are going to meet the criminals.” Said the officer. When will we be back because i have a roof to fix?” Said frank. The officer responded with. “Well we got to fix you, your broke man, your head went and you killed a guy.”  Frank began to cry thinking that the officer meant that they had killed his father by breaking this heart because frank did not understand the construction industry. The officer said yup he did it,” and frank said “yes I did I do deserve to meet the crooks because I killed him.” “that’s an open confession,” we got you for that,” said the officers.

 As the officers were walking him out to the transport vehicle Samantha came walking in to the station, “Where’s Frank, “said Samantha. “Oh he’s gone out back, he's going to the big house for murder,” said the duty dispatcher. The officers escorted frank into the back of the transport vehicle and the car was pulling away just as Samantha came running out. The car drove slowly through the parking lot and Samantha began tapping go nth windows say “Frank I love you I know you didn’t do it,” Frank began to become excited in the back seat of the car. The officers said “ok Samantha that is enough.” Frank said, ‘See I told you guys I had a date with her,” the officers began to chuckle and said sure you do psycho the only one you have a date with is bubbah. “Whose bubuah,” asked frank and the officer turned on the sirens and pulled away.

Frank knew not what to do as the trio pulled up to the prison it was all so surreal. Frank wished that he did not have the cuffs on so he could pinch himself in order to wake up from such a horrid dream as this. He could not let go of the fact that he had had a date with the most beautiful girl and knew that she would act as his guardian angel through this. Frank began to wonder that if this was all a dream then where was his father because in dreams sometimes people get to speak with people that have passed on into the next realm. And the next realm is where frank apparently was, so he hoped that his father would show up so he could just tell him that he died and yes was indeed, now,  in hell with him. Maybe then the two of them could put their heads together and talk to good ole saint peter about getting through those Gates after all of this.

“Frank, come on,” said the officer as he opened up the door to the squad car.

It was difficult for Frank to get out of the car because of the shackles that where on his legs, they provided just enough reach so he could keep one foot in the car and place the other one on the ground. Once he got out of the car he looked at the prison and thought to himself, “Look at the walls.” He knew that there would be no escape he would have to be something much like a bug to ever scale one of those walls. Now he knew this was all real

Immediately, after being removed from the police cruiser, even before the guard could open the gate in order to escort him in, Frank began to cry. His tears were that of a child that missed his father. He began to realize that all hope was now lost for him not staying out of that hardware store as he was instructed, by his father. Then he began to quiver, as he was being escorted, the guards began to shout out things like wait until we get him in the shower. And frank having heard that homo sexuality runs rampid throughout the prison system then began to cry, that he was in love with Samantha. Hoping that all would be well once he stepped foot in the shower. Then the inmates in the yard yelled out, “your daddy can’t save you now.” It was then frank had an epiphany he had said allowed, “If they are going to have sex with e in the shower then I won’t shower because I love Samantha.”  It was then that the police radio sounded, “Samantha is one of ours,” as the guards escorted him through the fence which was known as the chapel to the prisoners.

The chapel was a folding gate that had two doors one on each side with the gables made of razor wire. There was no escaping from the chapel once you were there you were there for good and the lord would not have it any other way, or so was said by the prisoners. There was a light airy atmosphere once frank walked through the chapel but he was scared that he would now be approached by homosexual men. In fact one man walked up to him and said “what it your size?” it was a prison trustee, and frank responded with, “and who do you think you are to ask.” The trustee said we got a live one here. Frank then said, “And what is that supposed to mean.” The cops then turned him over to the prison guards who said, Your jumper frank, come on what size,” and frank said “a medium probably,” “ok get him to the shower before doc,” said the Corrections officer. Frank was then stripped naked by two trustees who said, this won’t take long. Frank did not put up a fight because they were burly husky older middle aged black gentle men and from what his father had said to him while he was still alive they were the ones that seemed to run the prison,” “his father said it was because Black make up for a better portion of the prison population and the only way to live after being persecuted for so long by white people was to eat right and work out,” frank was then escorted naked from the chapel house, which was the entry room inside of the chapel, to the shower room which was about a twenty yard stint down a long corridor inside of the prison.

Frank began arguing, “Now let me go, I care not to shower besides I did not commit a crime.” It was then that frank felt a cold rush of water as the prisoners that stripped him said yeah right white boy then they would let me out too because I didn’t do nothing to nobody, you gotta see doc to make sure you are all right” the two prisoners took turns at frank with a shower brush making sure that there was an adequate amount of soap lather on them before the guard would escort Frank out of the shower. The trustees were saying things like get more soap and I can’t wait to dry you because you are a wet fish.” ‘That is enough,” said the guard, “pull him out.” With this command the trustees pulled him out of the shower and dried him off with a towel. They then threw him in his jumper and the guard said, “come with me we gotta go see doc, are you on any meds or anything?” frank responded, “just these morphine pill I take,” “ok, well tell doc about it, ok?” said the guard. “Ok,” said frank.

The officer and Frank walked into a room of only five or six people all with their own desk. Frank was told to sit before the doctor and he did as he was told. Frank then sat before the doctor and heard his father’s voice, it had said, “Tell them of me.” It was then that the doctor introduced himself and frank his self.” It was then that Frank began talking and did not stop until he was interrupted by some commotion. It was Samantha. She said, Frank is everything all right because because….” Yes Samantha everything is fine, I was just a little wrapped up.” “A little Frank, you were accused of murder and thought it was some kind of game.” Yes but I began talking to the M.D. about my boy hood and the way I was raised.  It was then that he was interrupted by a corrections officer. “Frank why don’t you listen to what she has to say?” “Well Samantha what is it…? “Frank we caught the real murderer he broke down behind the police station after they had booked you.” Do you mean…? Asked Frank. “Mmhmm” squeaked Samantha, “You are free!”

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