He's Cheeky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
One shot. Soren wants some attention from his girlfriend.

Submitted: September 10, 2013

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Submitted: September 10, 2013



She was voluptuous. She really was. At least, Soren saw her that way.
She was telling him to remember to organise something for tonight but he wasn’t listening so much as… well, he was very into her and they hadn’t made love for a week. She finished talking to him and turned away to collect her belongings in order to leave for work.
From behind her, Soren hugged her waist, holding her in place, to breathe in the smell of her and kiss her neck. Just an inch shorter than him in her black heels - she was tall - the perfect height.
‘Emilyyyy.’ He breathed into her ear suggestively and her hand alighted on his as he kissed her neck and chin.

‘Can you wait until tonight? I need to go.’ She tried to step forward out of his grip. She wouldn’t have got far but he knew she had a 9o’clock executive meeting and on her second attempt to move he relented.

She deposited her coffee mug and plate into the sink before turning to face him on her way out.
Eyeing her phone on the counter, he pocketed it and met her eyes, playfully. He bit his bottom lip as she frowned at him. He loved to tease her.

‘What’s it going to cost me to have my phone back, please?’ She pulled her bag over her shoulder and took a few steps towards the door, her heels tapping the floorboards.

Her phone in hand, he closed the distance between them, kissed her lightly, and then followed up with a devouring assault, his hand riding up her black skirt, and finishing dominantly, making a point to leave her breathless.
Her eyes still closed from the effects of Soren’s kisses, she was stunned to the spot.
Smugly, Soren dropped her phone into her handbag and then held the door open for her and waited.
‘Have a great day, honey.’ He teased her again.
When she had recovered, Emily straightened her blouse and glared at him.
‘Oh, you’ll keep!’ she threatened him as she exited the house, not letting him see the smile on her face.

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