Hot for Teacher Ch2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2. Soren pursues Jane but will she give him chance?


Soren arranged the large assorted bunch nicely and then leaves the flowers and the card on her porch.

He didn’t contact her yesterday, the day after they were caught in the staff room by the Vice-Principal of all people!

She hadn’t contacted him either.

He knew she had enjoyed the kiss though.
Kissing her was so great. He could hardly stop smiling. She excited him like no one else ever had.

He had to see her again. She will get the flowers and then she will call me.

I just have to be a little patient.



‘He followed me to the staff room after the farewell dinner.’
Lara raised her eyebrows in surprise. ‘He didn’t!’ Lara can’t believe Soren’s audacity.
Jane nods and closes her black-covered diary she had just entered times in and returns it to her bag.
‘And…?’ Lara prompts her.
‘He kissed me.’ Jane gushes and runs her hand over her skirt as she sat cross-legged in Lara’s office. She brings the event to her mind again, re-living it. Soren had pursued her all the way into the staff room, so brazen. Pulled her to him. And the way he had kissed her cheek!  Just as the first kiss was full of tenderness, the subsequent kisses conveyed something else… possessiveness.
Jane didn’t have to describe it to Lara because she knew that expression: infatuation. Excited that she was desirable.

But girls being girls, she asked anyway. ‘How was it?’ Lara could see how excited Jane was but knew that this was extremely uncharacteristic of Jane to actually date an attractive young man. She half-expected Jane to run for the hills. At 36, Jane was still a woman for God and that meant no intimate relations outside of marriage.

‘How was the kiss? Breath-taking?’ Lara encouraged.
‘I still can’t quite believe it. … He’s a good kisser,’ Jane admitted. ‘It was really nice,’ she smiled wistfully.

And then her tone changed as she told her what happened next.
‘Col Benson walked in and saw us.’
‘Saw you kissing?!’ Lara raised her voice in disbelief.
‘Well, no… standing very close together. We… we were touching.’
‘Oh no,’ Lara empathised.
‘‘Oh no’ is right.’ Jane shook her head and stood up, needing to stretch her legs and shake the stress from her head.

‘What did he say?’
‘What do you think he said! He was shocked. And dismayed,’ she added for emphasis, using her hands.
‘He told Soren ‘you shouldn’t be in here,’ and to me he said: ‘There is no fraternising with the students. I hope you know what you’re doing.’ I was mortified.’ Recounting the event caused Jane to blush.
‘Understandably. I know…The Vice-Principal! Oh no.’ Lara felt sorry for the abrupt ending of what was a magical moment for Jane. ‘And you were hoping to keep it quiet. Until you knew for sure… if you wanted to start seeing him.’ Lara’s phone rang but she stood up and pushed the msg button, returning her attention to Jane.
‘So, that was it? Soren left the staff room?’ They retook their seats.
‘Yes, he knew he was in trouble. He probably nearly had a heart attack!’ Jane rubbed her temple and glanced at her watch. ‘Ohhhh,’ she stared out the window.
‘I don’t know what to do.’ Jane looked across to Lara again, helplessly. At a loss of what to suggest.
‘Do you want to know what I think?’ Lara told Jane, who nodded. ‘You should date him. Go and see him. Set some boundaries though. You LIKE him.’ She added for good measure. Jane needed her encouragement, clearly. She could go either way on this.
‘But he is so much younger than I am!’ Jane frowned.
‘Don’t worry about that. Get to know him better. You might have plenty in common.’ Lara tried to think of what else she could say to be helpful. ‘Keep it private. But don’t be alone with him too much. See what you have in common.’

‘Should I?’ Jane rubbed her hands together and shifted in her seat. ‘What if it’s a terrible mistake?’
‘No ‘what ifs’!’ Lara answered with force. ‘Give it a chance. You said he was a great listener and everything is fine except for the minor detail of his age. And he’s into you. Go for it.’
Jane could hardly believe what she was hearing from her closest friend. She was just about to raise the subject of celibacy and the abuse of the Seminary’s trust when there was a knock at Lara’s door. Jane graciously vacated Lara’s office as the student had arrived early for her appointment.



Soren asks if he can meet up with her via text. Jane thinks it best they avoid being out in public and invites him around. 4.30pm.

She unlocks the door and he has to catch the door before it closes because she’s walking back to the kitchen. No greeting. Minimal eye contact. This doesn’t bode well.
‘Would you like a drink’ she offers him once they arrive in the kitchen.

‘No, thank you.’ Her face is stern. ‘Did you get the flowers?’ Suddenly he felt like a child.
‘Will you have a seat?’ she prompts him towards the lounge chairs but he hesitates.
‘Is something wrong?’ he reaches for her forearm but she turns in time to avoid him, closing her mouth sharply.

‘I asked you to come so that I could tell you I don’t think this is a good idea. You and I.’
He thought this might be coming but it still hits him in the chest. Oh, Jane. Self-denial and self-righteous…
Soren eyes the fruitbowl and then reaches out with a hand to the bench to hold something to play with and finds a pen.

‘I think we should stop it before it becomes serious.’
Oh you can’t admit that you WANT it to be serious. But he’s devastated that she’s saying these difficult words.
‘Are you listening to me?’ she criticises him, her tone suddenly shifting.
‘You have my full attention. I just don’t like what you’re saying,’ he answers coolly.
This rattles her but she still manages to hold her ground and makes this statement: ‘It’s a bad idea.’
He thought carefully before responding. ‘We’re interested in each other. We’ve started a relationship.’ He met her eyes. ‘Your age doesn’t bother me.’

‘Soren, I don’t think you understand the magnitude of the situation.’ Jane raised her voice and crossed her arms. ‘I’m employed in a Theological Seminary. I’m on faculty! You’re a student! I went through a dozen positional ideologies with the Principal before I was hired. I signed a contract declaring myself to be Doctrinally sound!’
Soren shook his head slightly and dropped his gaze.

‘I teach integrity and how to avoid affairs in ministry!’
He recognized the look that flashed across her face and he knew there was no coming back from where they were the other day.
‘You said you weren’t allocated the class I’m taking this semester, so we’re not teacher and student currently.’

Her steely gaze froze him and he looked down.
‘I am a teacher and you are a student,’ she retorted.
‘I’m a part-time student and I’m not going to take any more of your classes,’ he contradicted her.

‘We’re not breaking the law or any principles,’ he argued, lowering his voice again and meeting her eyes hoping she would soften. ‘We’re getting to know each other. We’re starting a relationship.’ Repeating it helped it to become more real, he hoped. She must have her dignity. She’s afraid.
‘I’m expected to be beyond reproach. Nothing I do can be questionable. Or I will be seen as untrustworthy.’
Soren struggled to put his thoughts into words. He was frustrated. ‘You’re getting carried away. Surely… You’re not a Catholic Priest,’ he blurted.
‘Jane…’ he faltered, unsure of where to go next. ‘You can have both.’
She forced a smile but it didn’t reach her eyes. Soren longed to see her deep brown eyes sparkle as they had previously and it hurt.
He found some nerve from somewhere. ‘Stop looking at me like I’m a problem.’
He waits, his heart thumping.
Soren decides to leave before he says anything he regrets. ‘I thought we were enjoying each other.’ He looked her in the eyes, defiantly. And then he stormed out, determined to upset her as she had just upset him.


Jane calls Lara.

‘I called it off with Soren.’ She’s met with silence.

‘But you had a really nice date the other day, you said.’

‘We did.
‘And the kiss…’ Lara trailed off, disappointed for Jane.

‘I think it’s the right thing to do.’

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Submitted: May 15, 2013

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That's great! I loved it. :-)

Wed, September 18th, 2013 11:41am


Thanks, Aarocks! :-)
There are a few more stories there if you like Jane and Soren.

Wed, September 18th, 2013 3:55pm

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