Jeanine Matthews is visited by a new divergent named Kane.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jeanine Matthews meets a divergent, a Hunter from beyond the gate, named Kane. He deals in Contraband and is attracted to Jeanine.

Summary: The Head of Erudite faction, Jeanine Matthews, meets a divergent, a Hunter from beyond the gate, named Kane. He deals in Contraband and is attracted to Jeanine.


Kane watched from his vantage point as Jeanine Matthews sashayed from the Erudite headquarters to her car. He admired her fitted blue coat and platinum blonde hair. She led a privileged life, he thought as he scanned her accompanying entourage.
Ms Matthews browsed the latest report to grace her desk. It was a report on the Hunters. A group of divergents, who effortlessly resist all attempts at arrest, continue to deal in contraband, and who had been unheard of for years. There are confirmed sitings of individuals where they had resurfaced to the south of the wall. Jeanine advised security to capture one or more of the hunters/wanderers from beyond the gate, so that she could ascertain their threat level and ultimately destroy them.


Before she entered her apartment, something caught Jeanine’s eye. Something that shouldn’t be outside her apartment. Large muddy boots. Her breath hitched. Someone was inside.
She pushed her alert bracelet, confident that her security should be here within 5 minutes.
Curious to see who had the audacity to break and enter, or at least enter as there was no sign of breakage from the front door, she continued inside.
“You should know that security will be here momentarily.” She called to the unseen intruder.
“No, they won’t.” A tall, dark haired man came into view. “I blocked your call.”
He had an athletic build, his clothing was fierce but he wore a playful smile.
Grubby, like he had been in the wilderness. Which, obviously, he had.
She looked down in annoyance but still composed.

“Let’s call a truce,” the man said. “I mean you no harm.”
She looked up, assessing him.
She detected the smell of shaving cream. He had helped himself to her bathroom.
“I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Kane.” He crossed the kitchen slowly (in his dark brown leather pants and cotton shirt) and held his empty hands up, smiling.
“What do you want?” she demanded, she leant back against her plush beige sofa, attempting to look nonchalant.
He stopped his approach.
“I could go for a snack right now. Do you mind if I have a look in your fridge?” he didn’t wait for an answer but turned for the fridge.
To his back was strapped a semi-automatic weapon and a long sheathed blade. His left shoulder bore a prominent pink scar. She resisted the urge she felt to jettison his clothes into the furnace and throw him under the shower fosset. She thought about her next move as he rummaged through her fridge.
“Jeanine, - can I call you Jeanine? We could help each other,” he told her.
“You’re a divergent. Why should I trust you?” she said, accusingly.
“I bet you can’t get fresh seafood,” he said through bites of cold ham.
“No one has eaten seafood in over 40years.” She retorted in disbelief. “How long have you been outside of the gate?”
He stood against her dark kitchen bench top, opposite her. “Ah, 8 months… this round.”
She found herself starring, his dark eyes piercing her blue-gray ones.
“Isn’t it dangerous?” She found herself caring.
“Not if you know what you’re doing.” He pulled a knife out from his waist and sliced into her green apple. “And besides, not all of us are cut out for a life of luxury.” He nodded to her interior designed dining room setting.
She folded her arms defensively.
“So, is there a Mr Matthews?”
She gave away no expressions to that impertant question. “How did you get in here?” her voice even, despite her displeasure.
“Call yourself ‘Erudite Intelligence’,” Kane grinned.
He took another swig of her citrus juice, wiped his knife slowly, and readied himself to leave.
She calmly smoothed her skirt down with her hands.  “You think Erudite is doing something wrong?”
“Too right, I do. Bunch of crazies,” he added under his breath.
“Can’t you see we’re working for the greater good?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you.” He said, looking sincere.
“You’re the deviant,” she emphasised.
“And that justifies shooting at us?” he queried. He looked appalled but he was playful again.
“You’re a poor blend of impulses and impurities.”
He put his wide-brimmed hat on. Desipte being out of date, he made it look good.
“I’ve left you a bottle of red wine in your bedroom.”
Her eyes flashed at his admission. “Consider my proposal to work together. I’ll see you soon.” He left through front door.
Jeanine sighed in relief and then called Erudite HQ to report the intruder.

Jeanine Matthews had had a helluva day. At last she was home and could put her feet up, some soft music on and… she remembered the bottle of red wine that Kane had given her. She found the bottle and brought it to the kitchen. It was 100years old and the description was in French. Taking off her heels, she took out a wine glass. After smelling it, with her handheld device she scanned it for poisons but found nothing sinister.
Tempted as she was to either see what she could get for it on the black market or to test it for toxins, she smiled as she remembered the rugged assassin –as she thought of him – who had forced himself into her apartment. The shock of the meeting had worn off but the effect hadn’t. She found herself reliving their exchange almost every day since. At first she had felt tense but that feeling soon gave way to an enjoyable excitement and she found herself attracted to the hunter and wondering when she would see him again. Whether he would accost her in an alleyway, break into her home again or even kidnap her and hold her to ransom. She entertained the thought of having him captured. Brought to her by her security, locked up in a cell. Injecting him with truth serum…
The alcohol entered her bloodstream. She felt her arms grow heavier and next her head swirled. She was drinking on an empty stomach. Foolish, she thought.
She wondered what price she would fetch if captured.
She thought of his leather pants, and then stopped herself. It could be years before he’s ever heard from again. He could be dead or dying… out there in the wilderness… right now, she thought.

8 days later.
Jeanine closed her apartment door behind her.
“Did you enjoy the wine?”
Realising she wasn’t alone, Jeanine flinched at the voice.
Kane was in her kitchen again.
She entered her lounge room, regarding him with eyes narrowed and sat with a view to the kitchen. No doubt, he had disabled her alarm signals again. She would have to increase her security. Or would she?
“You did, didn’t you?” Kane sauntered over to her, smiling.
“I’m fresh from the coast,” he said, scratching the sand from under his nails on the floor. “I’ve left 2 delicious crabs in your fridge. You can cook them in butter! Delicious.” He grinned at her, pleased with himself.
She almost smiled.
“I saw you today,” he told her. “In the market place. And outside your building. What were you discussing?”
Jeanine didn’t look surprised that he had followed her. Spied on her. “That’s none of your concern.”
He was undeterred. “You shouldn’t hide your gorgeous legs under those pants.”
He had hit the mark. She flushed in surprise and struggled to reign him in. To take control.
“So, Kane was it? Do you work alone?” she exuded authority once again.
“Oh, Jeanine, I thought we could be friends!” He chided her, not answering her question.
“How do you know I don’t have a weapon on me, right now?”
“You could well do. But you’d have to hit me and I might fight back. You don’t want that.” He brushed a hand under his chin and rested it on his pants buckle.
Jeanine sat down on her arm chair facing him, cautiously.
She was trying to place his accent. Perhaps his parents had been British imports… she made a mental note to look up his records. She estimated his age at late 20’s. He was at least a little cleaner this visit than his last. She watched as he briefly checked his small electronic device and then put it out of sight. He didn’t belong in this picture.
Just as she watched him, he was watching her. She hypnotised him. That’s why he had come back. He had had to see her again. To enter her bathroom and smell her soap. To lay on her bed and touch her pillow.
“Jeanine, I want to talk about the black market trade. Why not loosen up the regulations? Your people are not helping the situation. The people need what the hunters provide.” He sat down on the 3 seater as if he owned the place.
“I’m going to have you all arrested!” Jeanine said defiantly. “It’s individual deviants like you who think they can do what they like who threaten the security of everyone.”
“We don’t just deal in food and alcohol. We bring back medicine, flora, important samples and so on.”
“Humpf!” She replied.
“It might even surprise you to learn that only yesterday we supplied several rare minerals to your very own Erudite scientists.”
Her mouthed gaped open but then she closed it again. “You’re lying.”
“Why would I lie?”
She stared at him blankly.
“I’m getting some water. Would you like some?” he stood. She didn’t answer. “I heard you want to destroy the Abnegation government.”
“I’m trying to help people and make the city a safer place,” she replied.
Kane drank some water and then they looked at each other for a few seconds, not saying anything.
“Your bodyguard. The guy with the cropped short hair who carries a pistol. He’s working for Dauntless. You can’t trust him. I thought you should know.”
Jeanine looked at him like she didn’t believe him but Kane knew that she was thankful for the advice, proof or no proof.
As he left, she threatened him. “If you want to reach me, call my office. If you ever come back here, it will be the last thing you do.”
He stares at her, angrily. “I thought at least you’d have an open mind. I was wrong.”
Kane exits.

--- At the Erudite office suites.

“Hello?” Janine answered her ringing phone.
“Jeanine, it’s Kane.”
“Hello Kane. Are you calling to hand yourself in?”
“Did you look into your bodyguard?” he asked her, expressing concern.
“Yes. It turns out you were correct. He was loyal to Dauntless, he was spying for them.” She answered, somewhat reluctantly.
“He was probably going to kill you.” Kane thinks out loud.
“So, have you given any more thought to my offer? I can get you the best coffee and shortbread you’ve ever tasted,” he emphasised, baiting her.
“We grow coffee quite well here,” she returned.
“I know, I’ve had a cup.” Kane sounded unimpressed.
 “Why don’t you come to my offices and we can discuss your plan to work together.”
Kane realises that Janine is probably being overheard or that the conversation is being taped. But he is still annoyed at her for saying so.
 "Gotta go," he says, and hangs up.
She reports the incident and traces the call but figures he is long gone. She tries to forget about him. To watch her, you would think she was the utmost professional but she was distracted all day.

Jeanine rose, showered and dressed.
Entering the kitchen, on her benchtop was a tall dusty black thermos. Jeanine touched it and it felt warm, with hot contents inside. She smiled, despite herself. Kane must have been here only minutes before.
The coffee was rich and velvetty to her mouth. It was thick and morish. She tried to savour it but sooner than she had liked she had consumed it.
Kane had said that he was staying nearby.
She let herself into the apartment next door to hers to check if it was still vacant.
He was seated on the sofa. Napping!
Jeanine couldn’t conceal a smile.
She held a full syringe over him, observing him. His breathing was slow. How handsome he looked. Carefree and relaxed.
She leans over him.
He suddenly opens his eyes and grabs both her wrists.
She is so startled she doesn’t react.
She can’t help but it but she looks into his eyes, their faces barely apart, staring her down.
“Jeanine!” he says, dissapointment in his voice.
She strains against his grip but to no avail.
The tension is so thick in the air. The confrontation is almost more than she can bear.
He glares at her to show her how much stronger he actually is, before releasing her hands.
This surprises her, she’s unsure of what to do.
“Go on, inject me. If that’s what you came to do.” He drops his head back in surrender.
One knee is still in between his legs, as she is still poised to strike.
“Do it!” He tells her.
He waits for a few seconds and then starts to laugh. His chest tenses under his shirt. His laugh is low at first and then it builds momentum.
Jeanine finds herself smiling, then joining in, his laughing is infectious.
She drops the syringe to the floor.
“Look at us!” he manages to say just before he roars with laughter.
They share the joke.
“Ah ha, ah he, he…” Their laughing slowly subsides, their breathing returning to normal.
“You have a beautiful laugh,” he tells her, so sure of himself.
Jeanine’s smile fades and she slightly turns away.
He moves closer to her. She watches him but doesn’t react.
He moves towards her lips and her eyes close. He kisses her gently, once.
His hands cup her face and he repeats the action.
Pleasure floods them both. She stands up slowly, to allow his hands to gain better access to her waist and neck as he kissed her. He stands, caresses her more urgently, his hands underneath her lovely blue coat. His passion suprises her and was the last thing she expected this morning, of all days.
She gasped as he moved to kissing her neck and she felt his hand on her lower back. Her eyes closed again as she relished the pleasure he gave her.
Kane found her lips again and a series of breathy kisses ensued.
Her coat and dress and Kane were making Jeanine uncomfortably hot. She realised how quickly things had esculated and stood back, pushing his arms down gently. She backs into the coffee table, one hand to her mouth, still gazing at him.
“Jeanine…” he started.
“Don’t.” She managed, putting a hand out to stop him from moving to her. Her voice was quiet.
She glanced over to the door then back at him. “I don’t…” she started again. “I don’t know what to do.” She said more to herself than to him. “I was going to have you arrested and charged…” her voice gathering volume.
He ran a hand through his hair, watching her.
She couldn’t think straight. She needed time. “I have to go,” she started walking to the door. “YOU should go!”
She left. 

Submitted: November 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 lexxi185. All rights reserved.

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